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The Survivalist Review****-

Cert 18 | 103 mins | 2016

tsurcover4 Stars

 Survival is Paramount.


The Survivalist is written and directed by Stephen Fingleton (SLR (short)) and brought together by The BFI, the National lottery and Northern Ireland Screen. He brings a film that shows the fears of post apocalyptic existence, as you try to keep this going on and on.

The population of planet Earth is closely linked to that of oil production and when that runs out the human race is doomed to fail and fall apart.

tsurwoodsWe are transfixed as we watch an unnamed man (Martin McCann, Clash of the Titans) go about his daily business of protecting his small cabin in the woods of Ireland, as he buries the bodies of those that trespass on his property and fall into one of his traps. He spends his time tsursurtending to his small vegetable patch to sustain him. Every move he makes shows how tense the situation is as he has a double-barrelled shotgun slung over his back and he brandishes it at every unusual sound he hears.

He has a stove to keep him warm and has collected all the tools he needs to tend his plot and keep him in fire wood but he also burns his memories or those of others that have unfortunately crossed his patch. That is until he comes across the photo of a blond girl (Kieri Kennedy) smiling into the camera, which arouses him.

With the fire stoked up he goes through his routine for closing down his cabin, before settling down for the night.

tsurkatamalIn the morning he is awoken by the jangling of his tripwire alarm, hastily pulling on his trousers and grabbing his gun, he opens the door to find two women, one with white hair and a teenage girl. The woman is Kathryn (Olwen Fouere, Space Truckers) and the girl is Milja (Mia Goth, Everest). They want food and offer an exchange of jewels or seeds, but this offer is rejected, and Kathryn steps up the offer for food and board for the night, with the offer of Milja.

With the shotgun pointed all the time the pair of women enter the cabin, with the food first approach Kathryn is put in the store-cupboard while Milja and the survivalist get into bed.

tsurmil  Kathryn makes a bargain with the survivalist that keeps them at the cabin, by pitching in and helping with the crop, and womanising his cabin with flowers and a photo frame for the picture of him and his deceased brother. Having been alone for a long time the feel of Milja at night is a comfort to his nightmares.

But is this a disaster waiting to happen, as there are others out there and there are people in his cabin. This film will keep you on the edge of your seats right up to the credits.

“How many are there?”


“We have two shells and one bullet”

“Enough for us!”

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DirectorStephen Fingleton
StarringMia Goth, Martin McCann, Olwen Fouere, Douglas Russell
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