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Warriors Two & The Prodigal Son : (Eureka Classics) Limited-Edition 2-Disc Blu-ray *****

Cert 18 | 199 mins | 1978-1981

5 Star
Fast, Furious, Deadly,
Wing Chun.
Eureka Classics have done it again by bringing us another martial arts classic release with these two films depicting the legendary Wing Chun master Leung Chang, (Wiki Link). These late seventies and early eighties films are all about the martial arts. Makes you want to learn Wing Chun.
Warriors Two, sees a grown up Leung Chan (Bryan…more

Shawscope Volume 1 Limited Edition Review *****

Cert 18 | 1272 mins | 1972-78 (2021)

5 Star
Classic Films from a Classic Studio.
Well, Arrow have blown our minds with this volume one of their Shawscope releases on Limited Edition Blu-ray of the famous Shaw Brothers Studio from Hong Kong in the 1970s, featuring all manner of genres. From Horror to comedy and everything in between with these eight films, (Yes, eight films). With a plethora of…more

Champion (1949 Blu-ray) Master of Cinema Limited Edition Review ****-

Cert PG | 99 mins | 1949

4 Star
No Punches Pulled.
Mark Robson (Von Ryan’s Express, Valley of the Dolls) takes the hard hitting story from seasoned short story writer Ring Lardner (Letters from Bugs to Gus, No. 6, Ring Lardner’s My Roomy), and sets one of the greatest actors of his time in Kirk Douglas (Lust for Life, Spartacus, The Vikings) who delivers a performance fit for…more

THE GREAT SILENCE [IL GRANDE SILENZIO] (Masters of Cinema) Review ****-

105 mins | 1968

4 Star
Cold, Cold Lead.
Eureka Classics brought us The Specialists, now Eureka Masters of Cinema brings another piece of cinematic history with the definitive Spaghetti Western in The Great Silence. Once again written and directed by the maestro Sergio Corbucci (Duel of the Titans, Son of Spartacus, Django), who gives us a dark subversive Spaghetti Western, veering from the anti-hero plot…more

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge Review ****-

Cert 15 | 90/89/96 mins | 1989

4 stars of quintessentially eighties horror fun.
Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge is an American horror film first released in 1989. It is directed by Richard Friedman (Halfway to Hell, Acts of Desperation) This two disc 1080p Blu-ray release is presented courtesy of Arrow Video and features three versions of the film, the Original Theatrical Cut, TV Cut and bonus…more

CINEMATIC VENGEANCE! 8 Kung Fu Classics From Director Joseph Kuo (Eureka Classics) Set Review

Cert 15 | 723 mins | 1974-79

4 Star
Fists, Feet and Fingers.
From the legendary 1970s-80s martial arts writer, producer, director Joseph Kuo (Ninja Death Trilogy, Dragon’s Claws) comes a box-set put together by those great people at Eureka Classics, a collection of eight of Kuo’s films. With plenty of intrigue, double crosses, revenge and jealousy to get your teeth into this is a great Christmas present for…more

The Guest Review ****-

Cert 15 | 100 mins | 2014

4 stars of delightfully retro feeling action-horror film.
The Guest is an American action horror film written by Simon Barrett (V/H/S/94 “The Empty Wake”, You’re Next) and directed by Adam Wingard (Blair Witch, Death Note). It was originally released in 2014 and is presented here on Limited Edition 4K/Blu-ray courtesy of Second Sight Films.
“Like I said, me and your son Caleb,…more

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