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Late Night with the Devil Cinema Review****-

Cert 15 | 93 mins | 2024

4 star, what would you do for ratings?

Late Night with the Devil is a 2024 found footage horror film, written and directed by Australian brothers Cameron and Colin Cairnes (Scare Campaign, 100 Bloody Acres).

It will be showing in UK cinemas from 22nd of March courtesy of Shudder and Vertigo Releasing.

“A desperate Jack plans an episode he hopes will turn his fortunes around. What you are about to see is the recently discovered master tape of what went out to air that night.”

It’s 1970’s America and fear and distrust are sweeping the nation, as the news reports of violence and satanic rituals are beamed into living rooms across the country. To counter this, a new show is launched, UBC’s Night Owls, hosted by Chicago radio announcer Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian – Oppenheimer, Dune). Light hearted and fun, this late night show captures the “hearts and minds of midnight America” and Jack is given a five year deal.

With his beautiful wife, stage actress Madeleine Piper (Georgina Haig – Where We Disappear) by his side, the only question over his character is his involvement with “The Grove”, a sinister men only group in the Redwoods of California. Despite the popularity of the show, he never quite matches up to his rival Carson in the ratings, even when terminally ill Madeleine makes an appearance shortly before her tragic death.

Just a month after her death, Jack is back on air, but now he seems hell bent on courting controversy. With ratings plummeting, he comes up with an idea for a Halloween special. He features Christou (Faysaal Bazzi – The Merger, Peter Rabbit), a psychic who is obviously a charlatan, as well as magician and hypnotist turned sceptic Carmichael Haig (Ian BlissMiss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears) who has made it his business to expose phonies and offers a reward for anyone who can prove they are genuine.

The centrepiece of the show is young girl Lilly (Ingrid Torelli – Force of Nature: The Dry 2), a former cult member, believed to be possessed, who was rescued and is now under the care of Dr. June Ross-Mitchell (Laura Gordon – Streamline, Undertow). Egged on by stage manager Leo (Josh Quong Tart – Around the Block) and against the advice of assistant Gus (Rhys Auteri), Jack wants them to summon a demon live on air. What could possibly go wrong?

“You needn’t worry about your T.V. show. I think you’re going to be very famous soon.”

Late Night With the Devil a very enjoyable watch,  compelling from start to finish. It has the perfect seventies late night talk show vibe going, from the clothes and hair, to the attitudes, to the filming style as well as an amazingly authentic set. It’s so well done that it’s easy to forget you’re watching a film.

It evokes all kinds of nostalgia for the T.V. shows of yesteryear (in a horrifying kind of way), while at the same time offering a new and interesting take on the found footage genre. Being an outtake of a show with proper cameras eliminates most of the annoying head wobble we’ve come to associate with a Found Footage film.

The acting is superb and very believable, as are the effects. Gore hounds rejoice, while it may get off to a slow start, when it comes to it there’s plenty to enjoy. An excellent film and well worth a trip to the cinema.

“This is great news. Ladies and Gentlemen, please stay tuned for a live television first, as we attempt to commune with the devil. But not before a word from our sponsors.”

Late Night With the Devil will be in UK cinemas from 22nd March 2024.

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DirectorCameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes
StarringDavid Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ingrid Torelli, Ian Bliss, Rhys Auteri
Category: Cinema, film, Review