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Table for Six 2 Cinema Review****-

Cert PG | 132 mins | 2024

4 star madcap romantic farce.

Table for Six 2 is a 2024 Hong Kong comedy film written and directed by Sunny Chan (Men on the Dragon, Monster Hunt 2). It is the sequel to his highly successful 2022 film, Table for Six. It is presented in Cantonese with Traditional Chinese and English subtitles.

It is showing in selected UK cinemas from 9th February 2024 courtesy of Trinity CineAsia.

“Because taste is an illusion,but ingredients are absolute and cooking is the avenue for playing with the truth!”

This sequel sees the return of the three brothers and their respective partners from the first film (although ‘Big Brother Steve’ is only mentioned, he never puts in an appearance).¬†Unlike the first film which is based upon a series of dinners and takes place largely indoors around the table, this one is more ambitious in scope.

Lung (Peter Chan Charm ManTime Still Turns the Pages, In Broad Daylight) and Meow (Min Chen Lin РOne Second Champion) open the proceedings with a wedding. This is something of a shock given that Lung is in fact supposed to  be with Josephine (Ivana Wong РOne More Chance), who looks less than happy. But as brother Bernard (Louis Cheung РThe Narrow Road, IP Man 3) steps onto the stage, all is revealed, it is in fact a publicity stunt to promote thier new business venture, Wed Wed Wedding, a proposal service.

A fake proposal from Bernard to his girlfriend Monica (Stephy Tang – The Empty Hands, My Prince Edward) causes confusion, which leads to two weddings featuring numerous mishaps and misunderstandings, eccentric family members and a slobby heartthrob called Mark Gor (Jeffrey Ngai – Everything Under Control).

“Once I’m out there, I’ll just be someone’s wife. I still haven’t opened my own supper club, or been on TV. I never got to be like Gordon Ramsey.”

Table for Six 2 is a very funny film and it doesn’t really matter if you haven’t seen the first one, you can pick it up as you go. There’s lots of slapstick and irreverent humour, which is excellently delivered by all concerned. How Jeffrey Ngai or anyone around him kept a straight face I will never know. The locations are great and there are some quite mind blowingly lavish costumes.

The only downside for me was that the songs which were played during some of the more important scenes were not subtitled and that made me feel as if I may be missing out on some finer points of context.

There are some tender moments as well as some darker elements to the story, which really highlight the lighter side. This is a real feel good film and I would thoroughly recommend going to see it if you like the genre. Don’t forget to stick around for the blooper reel during the credits.

“Latin makes everything sound better. ‘E tu Josephine’. ‘Carpe diem, you jerk’. ‘Sic vita est, Meow’.”

Table for Six 2 is showing in selected UK cinemas from 9th February 2024.

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DirectorSunny Chan
GenreComedy, drama, romance
StarringStephy Tang, Ivana Wong, Min Chen Lin, Louis Cheung, Peter Chan Charm Man