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Trinity CineAsia presents No More Bets in Cinema’s Review****-

Cert 15 | 90 mins | 2023

4 Star

Online Gambling Will Never Look the Same.

No More Bets has already been a big hit in China, now Ao Shen‘s (My Dear Liar, My People, My Homeland) co-written vision of online fraud comes to the UK. Based on real fraud cases, this will make you look at your mobile phones in a new light, as those online gambling adverts come up, showing what goes on behind the scenes, and what the authorities will do if they catch them. Stay until you hear from the real victims when the credits roll, in this gripping, eye-opening thriller.

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Pan Shen (Yixing Zhang, Ming Dynasty, Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back) has been working for the same computer company for six years, and today he expects to get the well deserved promotion. But the World has other ideas, and Kevin gets the promotion. Feeling let down, he tells his friend that he is quitting as he has an overseas job offer, working for “Firefly” a Singaporean computer game company.

Shen gets on the plane to depart to his new job, when An Jun Cai introduces himself as the representative of Firefly. Shen shows off a bit by hacking into Cai’s phone and finding information on his fellow new recruits. With high spirits, they fly off to their stop-over, where they will wait ten hours, and Cai says he knows a great club where the geeks can meet some girls. Cai collects the passports for safety and they leave their luggage with the coach driver, before they head into town sightseeing. But suddenly the group are confronted by a gang of thugs who beat the group up as Cai stops Shen. The group have their heads covered, and they are bundled into the coach and are driven off.

They are useless without brains.

At about the same time, photo model Anna Liang (Gina Chen Jin, Falling Into You, (TV Series), Wuxin: The Monster Killer (TV Series)) is fired from her prestigious cover girl job. The alternative, it seems that her only choice is doing more smutty photoshoots. But an oversees croupier job is offered, with a very generous pay deal.

Disregard everything else but money.

The coach pulls up at an old firework factory, where they meet the leader of the fraud factory they have just arrived at. Bingkun Lu (Chuan-jun Wang, Dying to Survive, Lost in Ganga), tells the unwilling newrecruits all about the operations in the factory and the wages.


With Anna now a top croupier, this is when graduate Tian (Talu Wang, Our Times, Legend of the Naga Pearls) notices Anna on his phone. This sets him on a gambling addiction which upsets his girlfriend Yu Song (Ye Zhou, Better Days, Yesterday Once More). Can the authorities and Dongran Zhao (Mei Yong, The Assassin, So Long, My Son) stop the international criminals?

This is a tense story of how money affects both ends of the scam market, harrowing at times, always well acted, with great makeup effects. This film will open your eyes to what lies behind the flashy adverts, for a little flutter, what ever you fancy.

No More Bets is in Cinemas 8th September




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DirectorAo Shen
GenreCrime, Drama
StarringYixing Zhang, Gina Chen Jin, Mei Yong, Chuan-jun Wang, Talu Wang
Category: Cinema, Review, Subtitled