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Deliver Us Digital Review***--

Cert 15 | 102 mins | 2024

3 star brooding supernatural horror.

Deliver us is a 2023 American religious supernatural horror thriller, written by Kane Kunz (A Beer Tale) and Lee Roy Kunz (Delirium), who also stars as well as co-directing with Cru Ennis, who makes his feature directorial debut.

It is available to stream on UK and Irish Digital platforms, including Google, Apple TV, Sky and Amazon, from 19th February 2024, courtesy of Altitude.

“This nun, Sister Yulia, is pregnant with twins. She claims it’s immaculate. She says her two unborn kids talk to her and that she knows that one of them is good and one is evil.”

Father Daniel fox (Lee Roy Kunz) is a young priest who is looking to leave the church. He has fallen in love and his girlfriend Laura (Jaune Kimmel – Kids of the Night) is expecting their child. In his own words, he would rather be a good christian than a bad priest. However, his services are still required and he agrees to do one last job before he leaves.

He is sent to a remote convent in Saint Petersburg, accompanied by Cardinal Russo (Alexander Siddig – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Kingdom of Heaven), to investigate reports of an immaculate conception. Sister Yulia (Maria Vera Ratti – Miss Marx) is expecting twins and the Vatican believes that this may fulfill an ancient prophecy. One of the twins shall be the antichrist and the other the son of God.

This has also attracted the attention of fanatical religious group Vox Dei, led by the intimidating Father Saul (Thomas Kretschmann – King Kong, Blade II), who are hellbent on preventing the prophecy from coming to pass. The cardinal and Fox flee with Sister Yulia and the babies, to a remote home in Estonia owned by Laura, but can they keep the children safe and indeed, should they?

“You don’t think that these children are from God?”

“I think all children are from God.”

Deliver Us is a great concept for a film and it works well on many levels. The cinematography is very good and the scenery is beautiful. A lot of the dream sequences are very effective, but unfortunately much of the action takes place purely in the minds of all concerned.

It gets off to a great start, then slows right down for the middle section, before ultimately meandering its way towards a confusing finale. It’s shame because the acting performances are excellent and the atmosphere is set very well, it’s just a bit too dark and a bit too confusing to fully realise its potential.

If you are a fan of gore, there is plenty to be had here and some of it is pretty cringe worthy and brutal. A good film which could have been better but is still enjoyable to watch.

“They’re fighting even now. Neither one is good or bad, but one is a conduit for the light, the other a conduit for the beast.”

Deliver Us will be released on Digital Platforms in the UK and Ireland from 19th February 2024.

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DirectorCru Ennis, Lee Roy Kunz
StarringLee Roy Kunz, Maria Vera Ratti, Alexander Siddig, Thomas Kretschmann
Category: Digital, film, Review