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Slotherhouse Digital Review****-

Cert 15 | 93 mins | 2024

4 star adorably brutal sloth slasher flick.

Slotherhouse is a 2023 American comedy horror film written by Bradley Fowler (Eyes Upon Waking) and Cady Lanigan, both of whom appear in the film.

Directed by Matthew Goodhue (Woe), this laugh out loud sorority house horror romp is available in the UK on Digital Platforms from 12th February 2024.

“Yeah, I’m gonna call a vote for the…bear thing to be the new house mascot.”

As the film opens in Panama, we see a poor sloth dragged from a branch by a crocodile. But only one of them comes out of the water and it isn’t the croc. All that and then to be captured by greedy poachers, it’s enough to make you mad.

Emily (Lisa Ambalavanar – Titans, The Stuff of Legend) is a third year student, heading back to college for her final year with her best friend and sorority sister Madison (Olivia Rouyre – High School). She has her heart set on becoming President of their sorority house Sigma, Lambda, Theta, but this seems unattainable, as current President Brianna (Sydney Craven – York Witches Society) rules with an iron hand.

With elections upcoming, Emily has a chance encounter with a lovely seeming young man, Oliver (Stefan Kapicic – The Last Voyage of the Demeter), who alerts her to the power exerted by cute animals and offers to sell her a sloth. At first she declines, but soon changes her mind and before she knows it, she’s back at college with a new friend which she calls Alpha.

Alpha seems to settle in just fine, but can it be a coincidence that sorority sisters suddenly start disappearing without trace? Of course not. Can they survive the attentions of their new mascot?

“Some a**hole poached this poor thing from its home so you can have a cute, probably parasite riddled, plaything to help you get popular.”

If you think that this is the most ridiculous premise for a film ever, then you’re probably right. Which is exactly what makes this film so fantastic. Packed with puns and laugh out loud moments, the high speed sloth high jinx are beautifully executed.

The animatronic work on the sloth is brilliant, it has such an expressive face that you can almost believe that it is taking selfies, using social media and driving a car, not to mention slashing its way through a group of teenagers.

If you take yourself too seriously then this is not the film for you, it’s obviously meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. Having said that, if it gets the message across to even one person about the damaging effects of wildlife tourism, then all the better.

This is the slasher flick I never knew I needed and if you fancy a good and very blood drenched laugh then this comes highly recommended.

“Oh my God, we’re all going to die slow horrible deaths at the hands of an adorable killing machine!”

Slotherhouse will be available on Digital Download from 12th February 2024 – Pre-order your copy from Amazon here and Apple TV here!

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DirectorMatthew Goodhue
GenreComedy, horror
StarringLisa Ambalavanar, Sydney Craven, Bianca Beckles-Rose, Olivia Rouyre, Tiff Stevenson
Category: Digital, film, Review