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Lords of Dogtown Review****-

Cert 15 | 104 mins | 2005

4 Star

Trucks, Pools and Flatland.

From director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) comes the trueish story of the three young men that changed the face of skateboarding for ever.

1975 Pacific Ocean Park Pier, Venice California. It’s dark and young men are grabbing surfboards (not necessarily their own) to head down to the pier where only the locals get to surf between the stanchions for the thrills of the surf.

It is early morning and the surf is up with a great swell and the three friends Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk, Godzilla), Stacy Peralta (John Robinson, Transformers) and Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch, 10,000 Saints) get ready to cut some water. But they are late as the other locals are already there. Skip (Heath Ledger, A Knights Tale, Batman: The Dark Knight) the local surf shop owner and his friends are already there. They stop the young ones from surfing and tell them their jobs for now, keeping lookout, cleaning and parking.

After some fun on the water everybody heads to Zephyr Surf Shop where Sid (Michael Angarano, The Forbidden Kingdom) cleans and hangs out, Skip and Donnie (Julio Oscar Mechoso, The Legend of Zorro) take the mickey out of the small boy with difficulties.

Things all change for the boys of Venice beach when a guy (Mitch Hedberg, Almost Famous) walks in with something new, polyurethane wheels that allow skateboards to turn like they were on water.

The boys are quick to try out this new technology and are soon praising the new wheels and Skip is quick to see the potential of these new wheels and his board making skills.

He sets up a skateboarding team, the Z-Boys and they are soon turning heads at competitions as the other competitors and judges have never seen the moves these guys can do. Stacy isn’t part of the team until he wins a competition as Skip thought that because Stacy has a job that he just didn’t fit in with the beach-bum lifestyle.

It is after a drought is declared and swimming pool are drained and not allowed to be refilled that the Z-boys really have fun as they discover the delights of trying to master the kidney shaped pools of California.

Watch the rise of the stars of early skateboarding as well a time when a young Tony Hawks is starting out. A must for skateboard fans and a cracking soundtrack to go along with all the action. (Also available).

Keep on Trucking.

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· New high-definition presentation
· Uncensored director and cast commentary
· Introduction to Dogtown by Director Catherine Hardwicke
· 7 featurettes about the making of the film
· Deleted / alternate scenes
· Blooper reel
· Storyboard to Screen comparisons
· Music video – “Nervous Breakdown” by Rise Again

Original Theatrical Trailer

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DirectorCatherine Hardwicke
GenreBiography, Drama, Sport
StarringHeath Ledger, Johnny Knoxville, John Robinson, Emile Hirsch, Rebecca De Mornay
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