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Bleach Series 14 Part 2 Review****-

Cert 15 | 300 mins | 2015

4 stars for this long awaited finale to the Arrancars Saga.Bleach 14 2 Cover

The usual spoiler alerts apply here, well into the story, watch the rest first!

This is a rather difficult series to call. It opens with a halloween episode and then one featuring Shūhei as editor in chief of  the Seireitei newspaper. All very nice, but a bit frustrating when we are SO close to the final battle we have all been anticipating.

Bleach 14 2 Ichigo and ZangetsuHowever, we soon get back to the action, with Ichigo battling Tensa Zangetsu for the knowledge of the final Getsuga Tensho. Meanwhile back in the human world, Aizen is closing in and preparing to initiate his grand plan to create the Oken.

With both Aizen and Ichigo approaching their final form, the battle to end all battles is inevitable.

Bleach 14 2 Aizen final formThere is really not much else that can be said without giving away the story, so I won’t risk it.

As ever there is an episode of the Illustrated Guide To Soul Reapers at the end of each episode to provide some light relief to some quite harrowing moments.

There is plenty of fighting to enjoy and lots of tension as things begin to come together and all the ongoing fights we have been watching for so long finally come to a head. There are quite a few surprises and the conclusion to this excellent story is very satisfying.

Bleach 14 2 final Getsuga TenshoWith the awesome finale to the Arrancars Saga happening relatively early in this part of the series, the rest of it is perhaps somewhat disappointing. It’s all fillers, which would probably be good at any other time, but coming as they do on the heels of several major revelations they feel somewhat pointless.

Nevertheless, all Bleach fans need to see this, so it is still well worth adding to your collection.

“If tomorrow you were to turn into a snake and you began devouring humans, if with that same mouth you told me that you loved me, would I still be able to say “I love you” the same way I do today?”

Bleach 14 2 banner

Bleach Series 14 Part 2 will be available to buy on DVD from 06th April 2015

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