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Doc Martin Season 7 DVD Review****-

Cert 15 | 8 x 45 mins | 2015

dm7cover4 Star

Quirky British Humour.

Continuing their writing success Jack Lothian and Dominic Minghella bring us the next instalment of the offish Doctor in the seaside town of Portwenn.

dm7louisadm7dmEverybody in Portwenn knows that Doc Martin’s (Martin Clunes, Saving Grace) wife Louisa (Caroline Catz, I, Anne) left him and went abroad three weeks ago and he hasn’t heard from her since. But life and the surgery must go on, even if everybody is calling him names.

dm7alThere is a hubbub in town as it is five years since the famous moonray’s lifeboat rescue in very poor weather by skipper Steve Baker (Daniel Ryan, Black Sea). The lifeboat is going to do a training rescue, covered by a TV  crew and Steve needs a medical certificate to have insurance on the boat. As usual Doc is very thorough and insists on a urine sample. He promises to get him one and heads back to work on Al’s (Joe Absolom, I Spit on Your Grave 2) new venture of a fishing B&B with the coast and lake nearby.

dm7bertdm7ruthWhen the sample comes back it shows traces that lead Martin to suspect testicular cancer but Steve shows no outwardly signs. But somebody else does. As Al tries to get his B&B open as his backer Ruth (Eileen Atkins, Robin Hood) puts the pressure on and his dad Bert has his own problems with his failing restaurant.

dm7timDoc Martin has an introspective moment and decides to seek help with a therapist and on the recommendation of Ruth he goes to see  Dr. Rachel Timoney (Emily Bevan, St. Trinian’s) who is as forthright as he is, she has a set of rules and there is no exception. That is why he misses Louisa calling him. 

dm7janiceThere are many trials for the Doc and Louisa as they try and decide whether or not they are right for each other and baby James. They range from precocious children to rifle wielding farm wife’s. As usual Doc Martin goes through his life with a grim face and a sharp tongue, so will Morwenna Newcross (Jessica Ransom) get her pay-rise and how long can her friend Janice (Robyn Addison) keep her new job? If you are a fan of the Doc this is an ace follow up and we are all looking for to a new series.

dm7bannerAvailable to Order Online Now.


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DirectorNigel Cole, Ben Gregor, Charlie Palmer
GenreComedy, Drama
StarringMartin Clunes, Ian McNeice, Eileen Atkins, Joe Absolom, Jessica Ransom
Available to buy on : Own Doc Martin Complete Series 7 on DVD
Category: dvd, Review, TV