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Dragon Ball Season 4 Review****-

Cert PG | 38 x 22 mins | 2003

4 Star Goku as he loses his Innocence.db4cover

Prepare for a mammoth session of Goku and the crew as you delve into a six disk marathon which goes from episode 84 to 122. As three years pass of Goku training out in the world, we go through Tien Shinhan saga and the epic King Piccolo saga.

Everybody is heading for Papaya Island for the Martial Arts Tournament. There are 128 entrants this year and that’s why the tournament is to be held every three years from now on.

db4tienEverybody’s here except for Goku who is swimming his way across the Ocean to get there on time. As they await the young protege, an old colleague and rival turns up with his two students (Shen, The Crane Hermit and Tien Shinhan (3 eyes) and the smaller Chiaotzu).

They have a very superior air about them as they scorn Master Roshi’s style and his students. As Goku arrives Master Roshi disappears and is nowhere to be found, even in the ladies toilets. But an old friend and rival turns up, the reigning champion Jackie Chun.

All pass through the rounds easily and the rivalry between the students of Shen and Roshi increases to boiling point and then becomes deadly when they find out that it was Goku who had killed Tao the Mercenary (self defence), Shens’ brother.

db4krillinAfter the final battle Goku and all the others head for a meal. Goku remembers he has left his Power pole and his dragon ball back at the arena and Krillin volunteers to go fetch it. But as they sit down to their meal Goku senses something and races off, only to find Krillin Dead and the announcer tells them a big green monster stole the dragon ball and the list of all the participants of the Tournament (King Piccolo Saga).

db4oldpiccoloKing Piccolo was trapped in a sealed jar many years ago, but now he is back to rain terror on the land using his “offspring” Tamborine.

db4tamborineThis where Goku loses it and runs off to take revenge on Krillin’s murderer. Ignoring everybody he heads off on flying nimbus with the dragon ball radar. Finding Tamborine, Goku doesn’t impress the winged killer as he is tired from the fighting and hungry, so Tamborine continues on his way, but Goku vows to have his revenge.

db4yajirobeWhilst searching for food he comes across the mountain man Yajirobe, who had caught a huge fish and is cooking it when Goku finds it and devours it, so the mountain man doesn’t take it well when he finds a very stuffed Goku.

Eventually they become allies in the fight against King Piccolo and his minions. Tamborine is given the task of killing every one of the martial artists that took part in the tournament, as it was martial artists that had sealed him away many years before using the “Evil Containment Wave”.

Who can wield the Evil Containment wave and confine King Piccolo once more? Who would want to, as it has killed everyone that has tried to use it.

Get ready for some awesome battles of good versus evil, as the bad guy wants to gets his wish to come true.

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GenreAction, Drama, Martial Arts.
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