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Fairy Tail Collection 3 Review****-

Cert 12 | 575 mins | 2014

4 Star Wacky Wizard Anime

ftc3coverThis is the Collectors edition of Fairy Tail from episodes #49-#72 basically it is Season 2 of the Story.

From the pen of Hiro Mashima, (Monster Hunter Orage).

Even though these episodes are 12 rated, there are an awfully large amount of sexual innuendos (French maids that are into lesbian BDSM) just for starters.

Perhaps if you don’t get it it won’t affect you, but if parents catch a glimpse or a conversation by accident there might be some strong words exchanged before they realise it’s anime.

fairytaailthegangThe Fairy Tails main male protagonist is the fire wizard Natsu (rosy spiky hair), who has a happy go lucky approach to life but at the drop of a hat he will be scrapping with his guild brother Gray (black spiky hair), over who is the best, Natsu’s fire or Gray’s ice magic.

The episodes cover young peoples issues such as their first boyfriend / girlfriend feelings and those of parental pressures such as Lucy (blond hair) and her wealthy father.

Even with their own problems, bigger things are in the offing, as dark forces are rising and they are after the fabled magic nirvana, the Oracion Seis.fairytailoracionseis

Six evil mages who together search for nirvana, the ability to turn light to darkness.

So to combat these mighty evil mages Fairy tail must form an alliance with three other mage guilds, Blue Pegasus, Cait Shelter and Lamia Scale.

From these guilds twelve are chosen to go up against the evil Six.

Though they are always at each others throats as old rivalries rear their ugly heads, they form a team and they will fight to stop the evil Oracion Seis.

fairytailwendyOne of them is the young girl Wendy, but she hides an incredible talent as Dragon Slayer of the Sky.

Being able to heal with a kiss or with her breath, which both sides of the coin appreciate, and when she is kidnapped by the leader of the Oracion Seis, they pull out all the stops to retrieve her.

fairytailWill the alliance get her back and will they stop the Oracion Seis and their deadly plot to wipe out the light?

A great tale and with Happy (blue flying cat) and Natsu and the rest of the team carrying on the story of the Fairy Tail Guild.


The gang are hard on the the heels of the 6 who form the Oracion Seis, sworn to turn those of the light to the dark with the use of Nirvana, the giant walking city.

ft3nirvanaNirvana is headed for the distant wizard Guild of the Cait Shelter and those who had the power to hide Nirvana for hundreds of years.

That is why the Oracion Seis are set wiping them out first.

But the Guild Alliance are hot on their heels as they fight through the ruined city. We are in the middle of the confrontation between Cobra and our Fairy Tail Hero Natsu as Happy keeps him aloft, as the motion of the city makes him sick.


Cobra dodges the Dragon Wizards moves which frustrates Natsu and Happy. As they argue with each other he empties his mind as it is filled with rage, he lands a punch. Cobra can read minds and knows every move that he is about to face before it has been thrown. Natsu has trouble keeping his mind blank so the battle goes badly for him. Until he comes up with his own unique solution to the mind-reader.

Mean while Erza is nursing an injured and amnesic Jellal  after a failed attempt at suicide by means of a self destruct spell after he realises the amount of pain he had caused to her. But bad guys are bad and for failure there isn’t a second chance and Brain is the one to dish out the punishment, but Jura is around to set the balance straight.

ft6erzaWith the Oracion Seis numbers dwindling it is down to their most powerful wizard Midnight who reflects all attacks thrown at him, but to the keen eye of Erza his magic is soon known and the battle in earnest commences.

With the fate of Cait Shelter in the balance ias inhabitants put their faith in the alliance as Nirvana draws ever nearer. Can they work together to defeat the last of the Oracion Seis and bring a halt to the assault?

A Monstrous walking city, the Oracion Seis and Mad Wizard inventors, not to mention forgotten promises, mean that fun and rivalry that we have grown to love and enjoy.

This an excellent addition to your anime collection.

ftbannerAvailable to Order Now.

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