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Hellsing – The Complete Original Series DVD Review****-

Cert 15 | 325 mins

3.5 Stars of Horror/Fantasy Manga

Modern day England and where there are dark places, they are filled with a new horror; humans. A new ‘Freak chip’ is available to those who can afford it, that will give the recipientHellsing DVD cover Vampiric abilities and the blood lust to go along with it.

The Hellsing Foundation, a paramilitary  / paranormal operation in league with MI5 but at odds with the Vatican, is the only thing that is there to confront these ghouls and supernatural beasts.

It is lead by Sir Integra Wingates  Hellsing (Yoshiko Sakaibara, Bubblegum Crash), (Victoria Harwood, Sid N Nancy, 86), the daughter of the famous Vampire hunter Prof. Van Helsing. She takes control of her squads of men and the ancient and flamboyant Vampire Arucard (Jôji Nakata, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040), (Crispin Freeman, Howl’s Moving Castle), who has a new apprentice Seras Victoria (Fumiko Orikasa, Bleach: Memories of Nobody), (K.T. Gray, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs)

Victoria is a recent turnee coming from a line of police personnel, she has a strong belief in justice and is now Arucard and Integra’s right hand girl going out in the field with their soldiers fighting these new artificial vampires that have all the powers of turning the populace into exsanguinated ghouls all over London from the underground to distant castles.

Hellsing vampires

Victoria must come to terms with her new abilities (Good and Bad) as she fights the blood lust that yearns to be fed and her newTrying to stop vampires strengths, physical and spiritual, her heightened senses enable her to see what is hidden from her human comrades. Arucard is always just a call out away and brandishing his Hellsing Arms Weapon Industrials Co Ltd 9mm with “Jesus Christ is in heaven” now written down the barrel.

Fighting enemies such as Incognito (Takumi Yamazaki, Macross Plus), ( Isaac C. Singleton Jr, Anger Management), a strange man from the dark continent of ghouls and those that fight for the Vatican, making a deadly rivalry.

They fight the good fight in the dark recesses of England.

Drawn in a graphic novel style with dark colours and moody tones which match the story well, with thirteen, twenty minute episodes, which leave you wanting more.

There is Japanese cover art and concept pictures and Madman propaganda on the four discs and should appeal to the high teens rather than the young as Cert was still to be confirmed when I received them.

Available to buy on DVD  now.

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