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Hulk Vs. Wolverine DVD Review.****-

Cert 12 | 36 mins

3.5 Stars of Hulk smash and Wolverine slice cartoon fun.

Set before the X men this is Wolverine’s first encounter with the thing the Americans call the Incredible Hulk, Hulk coverhe is drafted in by Department H to find what or who has carved a path of destruction through the small towns of Alberta, Canada for the last week.

He has to bring in the Hulk or if not, kill it. But as with Logan/Wolverine things never run smoothly.

He discovers a half naked man crying in the woods, thinking that this person must have some information on his quarry he interrogates this uncooperative man and he soon finds out what happens when you scare Bruce Banner, “Hulk smash little man.”

Suddenly their fight gets interrupted by Weapon X the people he used to be with before he found his conscience.

This is where  we find out Logan’s history and Wolverines creation and the infighting within Weapon X and their driving force the Professor.WHpiggyback

This is the first time that Dead Pool has appeared in an animated program and the animators had fun with him. (see The Making of…)

This is a 12 Cert but I think it will appeal to all Marvel fans but mainly those 15+ as their is plenty of fighting and copious amounts of blood and dismemberment.

A great addition to the Hulk Vs. series 2009.

This is 31 mins of great animation using the voice talents of:

Hulk (Fred Tatasciore, Team America: World Police), Wolverine/Logan (Steve Blum, Lilo & Stich), Bruce Banner (Bryce Johnson, Sleeping Dogs), Deathstrike (Jansye Jaud), Omega Red (Colin Murdock), Sabre Tooth (Mark Acheson, Watchmen), Dead Pool (Nolan North, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception), The Professor (Tom Kane, Star Wars: Clone Wars)

Special features:
Cometary by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost.
This is Gonna Hurt: The Making of Hulk Vs Wolverine, 2o minutes.

Available on DVD from 8th July.

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