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Let’s Kill Wards Wife Review****-

Cert 15 | 82 mins | 2015

4 Stars of Death, Mayhem and Humour.lkwwcover

Writer, Director and Star Scott Foley (Scream 3) brings us this full length film, a black comedy which has you laughing out loud as we take part in this macabre tale of murder and friendship.

The film centres around the bitch that is Wards wife, lkwwwardStacy (Dagmara Dominczyk, Phantom). Ever since she became pregnant she has been more possessive and critical of everything. Now there is a newborn in the house, she has become unbearable and Ward (Donald Faison, Skyline) is well under the thumb and never gets to see his friends Tom (Scott Foley, Scream 3)  Ronnie (James Carpinerllo, Gangster Squad) and Charlie (Keller Foley) for a round of golf.

On fathers day the guys are out playing golf whilst discussing their friends absence and what the best solution to his predicament is. Even the girls are on board, Toms wife Gina (Amy Acker, The Cabin in the Woods) and Amanda (Marika Dominczyk, Bagboy) both agree with the men that she is a bitch.

lkwwstaceyWards neighbour is a policeman Bruce (Greg Grunberg, Big Ass Spider), who just wants to get in on the golf with the lads which rubs it in a bit with Ward. But it is when they all finally get together at Wards, Stacy catches Tom on the phone to another woman, Robin Peters (Nicolette Sheridan, Lost Treasure) and starts to taunt him about messing about. This infuriates Tom, who smashes her face into a large cake. This is where the cake hits the fan and over she goes, smashing her head on lkwwbrucethe floor. Thinking he has killed her he doesn’t know what to do until she starts making noises, which prompts him to finish the job and help out his friend.

David (Patrick Wilson, Insidious) funnily enough has been researching how to dispose of a body. Which is what friends are for.

I found this film highly amusing, it isn’t as dark as some black comedies we’ve seen and it isn’t a comedy, but all in all an enjoyable film.

 lkwwassembleAvailable to Buy Now.

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DirectorScott Foley
GenreComedy, Crime
StarringDonald Faison, Scott Foley, Amy Acker, Greg Grunberg, Dagmara Dominczyk
Category: dvd, Review