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My Little Sister Review***--

Cert 18 | 76 mins | 2017

3 star hack and slash horror flick.

My Little Sister is an Italian film written and directed by Roberto del Piccolo and Maurizio del Piccolo¬†(The Hounds, Evil Souls) and has won a number of awards, including “Best of Show” – World Horror Convention and “Best Italian Movie” al Fantafestival.

“These woods aren’t safe. You can’t stay here. Pack up your tents and leave.”

The film opens in what we can only assume is a remote area of the world, with a man wearing another face over his own, torturing a group of young people, who he has tied up.

Cut to the woods, where we find a young couple, Tom (Mattia Rosellini) and Sheila (Holli Dillon – Evil Souls), who are on holiday and exploring the local area. They receive a text from their friend James (Antonio Pauletta – Absolutely Grounded), telling them to get a move on as the tents are already up.

As they head back to the campsite they come upon a crazy woman (Lucia Castellano) dancing by the river and are then approached by a man with an axe, Ben (David White – Age of the Dead) telling them to leave, lest they be set upon by a local man known as “Little Sister” (Saverio Percudani), who he claims will rip of Tom’s face.

Dismissing it as local lore, they ignore the fact that all their friends are missing and settle themselves down for the night, only to discover that a little local knowledge goes a long way and sometimes it’s best to listen. Poor little Igor lost his father thanks to his little sister and now he’s out to redress the balance the only way he knows how, preying on unsuspecting tourists.

My Little Sister is quite an enjoyable watch, which certainly contains enough blood and guts to keep any gore hound happy, but it does seem a bit strange to start the film with what turns out to be about the goriest scene of all, rather like starting with the punchline and then spending an hour trying to explain the joke.

The acting is very good however, a cast of relative newcomers putting in excellent performances, with some tension and lots and lots of carving up of flesh and hiding and running, true horror film style.

This is one you will want to have a look at if you are into the horror genre, with lots of gooey bits to satisfy.

“They call him ‘Little Sister’ and he’ll rip off your face.”

My Little Sister is available to buy now on DVD

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DirectorMaurizio del Piccolo, Roberto del Piccolo
StarringHolli Dillon, Mattia Rosellini, David White, Lucia Castellano
Available to buy on : Own My Little Sister on DVD
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