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Lust In The Dust DVD Review*----

Cert 15 | 85 mins

1 Star of can’t tear your eyes from it.

From the directors that gave such greats as Death Race 2000lustcover and Carquake, Paul Bartel comes a comedy western romp that dares you to look away.

But you can’t as this is car crash fascination.

Dance-Hall girl Rosie Velez, (Divine, Hairspray) is lost in the New Mexico desert with somewhere to be but not knowing where, but she is trying to find the town of Chili Verde.

lustdivineWith her Ass on its last legs she smells water, salvation. A long drink and a bathe is what she needs and not the mysterious man that appears on the bank side or the fact that he saw the mysterious birthmark on her backside.

He deserts her but provides her with some food, with her Ass in tow she follows him asking if he is on his way to Chilli Verde especially as she now knows of the legend of the hidden stash of gold.

With a flashback to earlier that day we meet Hard Caselusthardcase Williams, (Geoffrey Lewis, The Devils Rejects) and his gang of sex starved cohorts.

After her full deflowering and her subsequent escape from their crotches.

Later she and the silent cowboy come across the town of the fabled Chilli Verde.

After travelling 200 miles they find themselves in the deserted and dishevelled town and at the door of Marquerita Ventura’s whore house and bar.

lustsistersThe place is deserted but looks like the Marie Celeste with food on the table and tequila on the bar.

Soon the locals are back in the bar after the secret signal sent out by Red Dick, (Courtney Gains, Faster), but the locals don’t take a liking to strangers and with a fear of Hard Case Williams gang. Things soon come to an impasse as Bernardo, (Henry Silva, Oceans 11 2001). challenges the stranger to a gun fight.

This is Lust,Dust,Gold and a very hot Sun.

Will our intrepid searchers decipher the limerick and reclaim the hidden gold?

It comes with no Special Features and hasn’t had any work done on the visuals but you’ll spend plenty of time laughing the time away.

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