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Maid Marian and her Merry Men Complete Series 1-4 Review****-

Cert PG | 608 mins | 1989-1994

mmammcover4 Star

Merry Men and a Happy Maid.

From the pen of Tony Robinson (Black Adder) and through the BBC, and director David Bell (Grange Hill) they bring us four seasons 1989-1994 of one of the most popular ‘children’s’ programs ever to air on TV.

mmammmarianmmammkingjThis the tale of what really happened within the confines of Sherwood forest back in the mists of the 12th century. Peasants and mud, that’s what there was, with the Normans on their backs, taxing them into poverty and the person in charge of this is the nasty (Boo) Sheriff of Nottingham (Tony Robinson, Time Team) who collects it all for the even nastier (another Boo) King John (Forbes Collins, Jesus of Nazareth).

mmammbarrimmammrabiesThe maid Marian (Kate Lonergan, Ahead of the Class) hates all this oppression and wants to do something about it when two of the villagers Rastafarian Barrington (Danny John-Jules, Red Dwarf) and grubby Rabies (Howard Lew Lewis, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) are wrongfully accused of crimes by the sheriff and taken to the castle.

mmammrobinMarian enlists the help of the imbecile Robin of Kensington (Adam Morris, Bloodsport) who encounters Little Ron (Mike Edmonds, Time Bandits). They disguise themselves by taking the garb of the sheriffs henchmen Garry (Mark Billingham, Adam’s Family Tree) and Graeme (David Lloyd, Harry’s Mad).

mmammsherifThey manage to free the two and now the band of merry men can be formed.

With lots of fun mayhem and tunes this is a great limited run (3000) boxset for the whole family with such episodes as Robert the Incredible Chicken, The Sharp End of a Cow, The Beast of Bolsover, Rabies in Love and The Worksop Egg Fairy. You know that the fair village of Worksop will never be the same again.

Hours of fun for one and all.

mmammbanner1Available to Order Online Now.


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DirectorDavid Bell
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Family, History, Musical
StarringTony Robinson, Danny John-Jules, Kate Lonergan, Adam Morris, Howard Lew Lewis
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