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Misfire DVD Review**---

Cert 15 | 86 mins | 2014

2 Star. Hunting the Drug Cartel.miscover

Director R. Ellis Frazier, (Dead Drop) likes to make movies about drug cartels and this is another. This one is a step away from his Kickboxing for Daniels and he replaces it for a shooter.

The story doesn’t really feel in-depth, or go down the avenues that you would like. Billed as a man going after a charismatic Cartel Boss, a man who publicly aspires to run for Mayor, but privately slaughters anyone who gets in his way.

No public speaking, no real aspirations anywhere and no slaughtering, (well not in my books anyway). But apart from that it is watchable, just don’t turnĀ  your brain on.

miscoleCole, (Gary Daniels, Hunt to Kill) is a DEA operative working in Juarez, Mexico, on a stake out. He is supposed to just watch and report but when his mark makes a run for it, he pursues and wounds his quarry, but when he finds out that his mark was an undercover agent, he is suspended.

misjohnnyMeanwhile in Tijuana, Johnny (Michael Greco, Fat Slags) wakes up prostrate on the floor with an empty glass still in his hand. Hungover, he starts looking for his wife Sarah, (Patricia Peinado Cruz) but whilst in the bathroom he spots a few drops of blood, his curiosity peeked he starts to shout for Sarah but all he finds are bloody hand prints, indicating a struggle and the maid calling the police, who storm in and arrest him for the murder of his wife.

This is when Cole gets the call from Johnny, he says he didn’t do it but can’t tell missraulhim anything, so Cole heads out to see his brother and find out what has happened to his ex-wife. He finds out that Sarah had been working on a story about offshore banking by the Cartels and being a good journalist she has the dirt on the man vying to be Mayor, Raul Montenegro, (Luis Gatica, Soul Walker) the man laundering money, big money as 13 million dollars of bonds has gone missing and Sarah had it and this may be the only lead to her still being alive.

misgracieWhilst investigating his brothers house looking for clues he comes across a feisty intruder who turns out to be Sarah’s work misdalecolleague, photo journalist Gracie, (Vannessa Vasquez, The Darq) with help from his DEA protege Dale, (Justin Nesbitt, Farm House) he gets funding to go after finding his ex-wife.

I’m not saying this is a bad film, I just think the writing could have been so much better than what has been served up here, I feel there was another half hour of this film lying on the cutting room floor or the budget went on all the bullets fired.

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DirectorR. Ellis Frazier
GenreAction, Drama.
StarringGary Daniels, Michael Greco, Vannessa Vasquez, Luis Gatica, Patricia Pienado Cruz.
Available to buy on : Own Misfire on DVD
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