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Mr and Mrs Murder DVD Review****-

Cert 12 | 585 mins | 2015

4 stars for this hilarious Australian comedy crime drama.Mr and Mrs Murder cover

Mr and Mrs Murder was created by and also stars renowned Australian actor and comedian, Shaun Micallef (Mad as Hell) alongside Kat Stewart (Offspring) another well known Australian actress.

The 13 part series follows the adventures of our crime busting heroes, married couple Charlie (Micallef) and Nicola (Stewart) Buchanan.

Mr and Mrs Murder the gearTogether they form the industrial cleaning company, Toxiclean, who also hire themselves out to the police as trauma cleaners, sent in to clean up a crime scene and return it to it’s original state. The policeman in question is Detective Peter Vinetti (Jonny PasvolskyMordecai, Macbeth), an ex boyfriend of Nicola’s who needs their other unique gifts in order to help him solve cases (unofficially of course).

Mr and Mrs Murder PeterNicola has an astonishing amount of empathy for others and is very observant and Charlie almost never forgets anything and can bring facts together in short order. Between them they have a real knack for picking the bones out of just about any mystery, a talent which Peter finds very helpful in terms of career advancement.

Mr and Mrs Murder JesseAlso helping them out is their niece Jess (Lucy Honigman – The Ex-PM), a student who finds herself increasingly drawn into their adventures as the series progresses. One of the most entertaining things about the series is waiting to see to what lengths she will go to help her Aunt and Uncle (the Irish dress is a sight to behold).

Together, they find themselves investigating all manner of weird and wonderful crimes over all walks of life, from the cast of The Amy Musical, to the competitors in a Mr Phenomenal competition, to out and out war between dog walkers and a golf course owner.

Mr and Mrs Murder the teamThrough it all, they must find a way to remain behind after they complete the cleaning job and investigate without anyone realising what they are doing. This is no easy task and lends no end of humour to the proceedings.

Mr and Mrs Murder is a very enjoyable series. I was a little worried about a series created by and starring a comedian as they can be very ego orientated, but there is none of that here. They interact brilliantly as a couple, it all feels very natural and their inappropriate flirting in almost any situation is absolutely hilarious. It also brings a delightful air of well meaning to the episodes, so that you feel happy to be watching.

Combining genuinely well written and intriguing storylines with plenty of gentle, laid back humour, this is a great watch. Thoroughly recommended and well worth adding to your collection.

“Are those your reading cucumbers? Just have a look at this.”

Mr and Mrs Murder banner

Mr and Mrs Murder is available to buy on DVD from 03rd August 2015.

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GenreComedy, Drama
StarringShaun Micallef, Kat Stewart, Jonny Pasvolsky, Lucy Honigman, Ben Geurens
Available to buy on : Own Mr and Mrs Murder on DVD
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