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One Piece Collection 9 Review*****

Cert 15 | 575 mins | 2015

5 stars of ongoing tales of swashbuckling with the Straw Hat One Piece 9 coverPirates.

Continuing the story of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, Nami, Sanji, Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper and Nico Robin, this instalment of One Piece comprises episodes 206 to 229 and sees the end of the G8 arc.

Episode 206 concludes various other things, in addition to ending the G8 arc it also sees the final use of the first set of eye-catchers, and the last time Bon Voyage is used for the opening theme and Dreamship is used for the ending theme.

One Piece 9 Foxy Pirates Episode 207 and onwards uses Koboro no Chizu for the opening theme and Eternal Pose for the closing theme and marks the beginning of the Water Seven Saga and the Davy Back Fight arc.

After a daring escape from the Marine Base Navarone, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter an island where everything is long, horses trees and even kiwi fruits. While on this island they have the misfortune to run into the Foxy Pirates, on board the Sexy Foxy, led by the Silver Fox.

One Piece 9 Davy Back FightLuffy rashly accepts the challenge of a three round Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates, thus putting the future of both himself and his crew members in jeopardy, from which he must rescue them.

There follows a series of mind boggling and hilarious contests as they battle it out to take control of each other’s crews, with Afro Luffy being a real highlight for me.

One Piece 9 Afro LuffyOur team must also face memory stealing monsters, giant sea trains, a rapidly disintegrating ship and all manner of other hurdles in order the reach their goal, the magnificent city, Water Seven.

As with all One Piece, this is one hell of a ride as we follow our crew of misfits and unlikely heroes on their adventures and can only gaze in wonder at the strange yet wonderful world of Eiichiro Oda.

“The beginning is upon us. I suggest you prepare. We’re drawing close to a new world in which only true pirates can survive. The weak should run while they still can or be swept away by the tides of time, as they roll back to reveal a new era of champions.”

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One Piece Collection 9 is available to buy on DVD from 13th April 2015.

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DirectorK├┤nosuke Uda
GenreAnime, Action, Adventure
StarringColleen Clinkenbeard, Luci Christian, Sonny Strait, Christopher R. Sabat, Eric Vale
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