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One Piece Part 8 DVD Review*****

Cert 12 | 520 mins | 2014

5 stars, a stunning conclusion and a new beginning.One Piece 8 cover

Episodes 183 to 205.

As you might expect, One Piece Part 8 continues on from One Piece Part 7, so the usual spoiler alerts apply, read on at your own peril!

This latest installment of the crazy and wonderful anime from the pen of Eiichiro Oda brings to a conclusion the Skypiea arc and saga and finishes with the majority of the filler arc, G8.

One Piece 8 The Great God EneruIn Skypiea, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are still locked in a deadly battle with Great God Eneru, who is intent on cleansing the sky and sending Jaya crashing back to the Blue Sea, regardless of the consequences for the inhabitants.

The Straw Hats have all become separated, Nami is aboard the Golden Arc Maxim, along with Luffy and Eneru. Despite Luffy’s immunity to his lightning attacks, Eneru has more tricks up his sleeve and when Luffy is removed from the battle by Eneru, Sanji and Usopp, injured as they are, have to dig deep and mount a rescue.

One Piece 8 Sanji cool dudeThe challenge ahead of the gang is to prevent Eneru from firing up Deathpiea, a mighty weapon aboard his golden arc, which can produce lightning bolts big enough to destroy the flying islands.

With the inhabitants of Angel island and the Shandorians begin to evacuate, time is running out for our heroes to win the day. As they fall one by one, it looks increasingly unlikely that they will succeed.

With a moving flashback to the plight of Calgara and Noland the Liar, the scene is set for Luffy to try to ring the legendary Bell of Shandora to let his descendants know that Noland spoke the truth. He must prevent Eneru from getting to it at all costs!

One Piece 8 The Bell of ShandoraSkypiea is a relatively long saga, but this finale is certainly well worth the wait. The G8 arc is highly amusing and although it is a filler, sets the scene nicely for the next Saga, Water 7 Saga.

As always, this is really well written and thought out, hilarious in places, quite serious in others and yet always just as enjoyable. Sanji and Usopp make an outrageously funny double act and Zoro’s nonchalance never fails to amuse.

A must own for One Piece fans. Those of you who aren’t yet fans, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to get started!

“One thing’s more precious than gold. It’s a treasure called friendship. What good is owning all the world’s wealth without friends to share it?”

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One Piece Part 8 is available to buy now on DVD.

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