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Shaun The Sheep Series 3 Review*****

This is totally worth 5 stars!Shaun the sheep.fw

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of watching Shaun The Sheep, you definitely should try it.

For those who already have seen it, you may rest assured that Shaun The Sheep season 3 is every bit as hilarious as seasons 1 and 2 and one you really don’t want to miss.

It once again tells snippets from the lives of Shaun and The Flock, down on Mossybottom Farm, as they constantly do battle with The Farmer, the pigs and Bitzer the sheepdog.

It still features the insanely catchy theme song by Vic Reeves (I’m singing it to myself at this very moment “He’s Shaun the Sheep, He’s Shaun the Sheep”) and all your old favourite characters, plus a couple of brilliant new ones (The Crow made me laugh out loud).Shaun2.fw

Shaun The Sheep has all the charm of the previous Aardman animations and although it is designed for and aimed at children (and you must make sure they see this!), it is every bit as entertaining for adults, making it ideal viewing for all the family.

Shaun The Sheep is currently being aired weekdays on CBBC at 15.15 and will run until 22nd March 2013.

Go on, treat yourself and your kids, you’ll all love it!

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