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The Mill DVD Review*****

Cert 15 | 200 mins

4.5 Gritty Re-enactment of Life in the industrial revolution.

1833 Cheshire and if you are unlucky enough to be an orphan or abandoned in your early years and are fit enough to work you will find that you areThe Mill DVD cover bought by Mill owners.

They will feed you and cloth you and put a roof over your head. Sounds good and all you have to do for all this charity. Work from sun up to sun down 6 days a week, which on average is 12 hours a day.

You won’t see a penny in pay until your 21st birthday. But some mill owners are more charitable than others, such as

those at Quarry Mill, Mr Samuel Gregg,  (Donald Sumpter, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) who believes that those at Quarry Mill are a family and family look after each other, but his son Robert, (Jamie Draven, Billy Elliot) believes science is the future and those apprentices are just a commodity to run his new machines that are to be built by an exceptional engineer Daniel Bate, (Matthew McNulty, The Misfits)McNulty.

He is to build a new model of loom that can be operated by less people and be more efficient.

With no option for leaving until adulthood, the drudgery of each days is kept in check by Mr Timperley, (Kevin McNally, Pirates of the Caribbean) and his wife (Claire Rushbrook, My Mad Fat Diary) but the worst thing for the girls is the overbearing overseer with wandering hands Charlie Crout,(Craig Parkinson, Brighton Rock) he prays on the girls with threats of overtime alone with him, But Esther Price, (Kerrie Hayes, Black Mirror) a feisty Liverpudlian is willing to put her position within the mill to  help the other girls and stop Mr Crouts philandering.

Cotton being spun

A brilliant series and I am avidly awaiting series two as all the acting is great especially from Miss Hayes as we feel her struggle too come to terms with who she really is and her efforts to help those around her as the veneer of charity is slowly stripped away and the political firebrand John Doherty, (Aiden McAdie, The Dutchess) fighting for the ten hour day start making waves within the village.

Don’t forget “Cotton is King“.

There is a 30 min behind the scenes feature on the making of The Mill.

The Mill is a real life re-enactment and Ester Price was at Quarry Bank Mill which is run by the National Trust, so thank National Trust for allowing a film crew and actors into your property.

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