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Blood C: The Last Dark DVD Release Review*****

Cert 15 | 100 mins | 2012

5 Stars of Beautiful Blood and Monsters.Bloodccover

Directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani, (Tokyo Marble Chocolate) Blood C continues one year after the anime series and what he has created is outstanding, as we are taken through the horror of humans and the agreement some of them have with the horrors that lurk in dark places.

From the outset you will be impressed by the animation and backdrops.

bloodcfumitoSaya has travelled to Tokyo to find that there is a curfew on the under 20’s and nobody is aloud out after 9pm and the internet has been heavily¬† restricted.

She feels a presence as she travels on the underground as a man transforms into a horror, (furukimono, the Old Ones) and starts devouring the passengers.



Saya swings into action and attacks the horror but during the struggle he manages to flee taking a young girl with him, at the next station Saya gives chase catching up with them she despatches the monster and saves the young girl just as the authorities arrive at the same time as the young girls friends car arrives, they take flight from the perusing cars and helicopter. Aided by someone on the other end of the co-pilots headset they are given directions to evade their chasers.

They are successful and arrive at a mansion, which happens to be the headquarters of SIRRUT a small team of young people dedicated at taking down the oppression of the young and defeat something called the ‘Tower’.

Run by the crippled Mr Mogari bloodcmrmogarithey run a hacking operation to find the location of the tower and their bloodchiromain hacker the 13 year old Hiro who is also looking for the location of her hero’s father. Mana is the girl Saya saved. Mana is fascinated by the aloof Saya and starts following her around trying to get her to talk, But Saya is fixated on finding Fumito Nanahara the head of 7th Heaven the group behind the governments decision on the curfew and the reason everybody died except Saya back in her home town.

bloodcsayanmaraMana Starts following Saya around town as she searches for a new sword and keeps up her attempts to melt Saya’s armour with some luck as they try to get to the elusive Fumito, who has vast amounts of wealth at his disposal to avoid detection, but he has a morbid fascination with Saya, are they destined to be together or will SIRRUT get their way?

With Plenty of blood and violence with amazing Monsters this is for those that want it full throttle.

Just watching blooded water run down a plughole is joyful.

bloodcsayaAvailable on DVD and Blu-ray 24th March.


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