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Boys From County Hell Review****-

Cert 15 | 98 mins | 2021

4 star gloriously gory and irreverent Irish comedy horror.

Boys From County Hell is a new and surprising kind of vampire film written by Brendan Mullin (Bad Day For the Cut) and Chris Baugh (Lily’s Driftwood Bay) who also directs.

It is released in UK and Irish cinemas from 6th August courtesy of Vertigo Releasing.

“Some things are older than science. Older than God. The earth has it’s own secrets.”

Photo Credit – Aidan Monaghan

Eugene (Jack Rowan – Born To Kill, Beowulf) and his best friend William (Fra Fee – Animals, Pixie) live in the small Irish town of Six Mile Hill. It is a modest tourist destination, due to the folktale that Bram Stoker visited the town and appropriated their local legend for his story about Dracula. The local pub is even called the Stoker in his honour and William is in a relationship with the barmaid Claire (Louisa Harland – Derry Girls).

Photo by Aidan Monaghan

Legend tells that a blood drinking fiend named Abhartach (Robert Nairne – Penny Dreadful) roamed the town and was ultimately defeated by Chieftain Cahan who buries him under a cairn, still to be seen in the field belonging to William’s father George (John Lynch – The Secret Garden, Best). They take great pleasure in showing the Cairn to tourists and giving them the fright of their lives.

They are all curious as to what is underneath the pile of stones, and it seems they will soon find out as plans for a bypass directly over the land have been approved and Eugene’s father Francie (Nigel O’Neill – Vikings, Game of Thrones) has won the contract.

Following a terrible accident in which William is killed by a bull on the very stones of the Cairn themselves, the work finally begins on the road. But when the stones are removed a series of brutal events is put into motion that will leave all concerned in a desperate bid for survival.

“I’m actually a wee bit disappointed that some f**ker didn’t jump out and try to bite our necks.”

Photo Credit – Aidan Monaghan

Boys of County Hell is a new and refreshing take on the vampire genre, featuring an entirely new way of both feeding and passing on the affliction, which allows for a very interesting story.

It is extraordinarily gory in places, almost difficult to look at, but also laugh out loud funny, even at things you know really shouldn’t be amusing at all. The language is very fruity for the 15 certificate, so be aware that this is not one for the faint hearted.

A cracking film, perfect for a popcorn filled night out at the flicks.

“You mean the stones were just there to hold him down? The stones you just moved?”

Photo Credit – Aidan Monaghan


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DirectorChris Baugh
GenreHorror, comedy
StarringJack Rowan, Nigel O'Neill, Louisa Harland, John Lynch
Category: Cinema, film, Review