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Bush Knife the Rise Promo

Cert 16 | 2015

Bush Knife The Rise bntrcoveris an independent film from South African Director, Writer and Producer Renaldo Kell (Street Fighter Vengeance). Filmed around Durban, we are treated to a tale of a man William (Bush Knife) (Bruce Gounder), who had previously borrowed money from a very bad man, The Skull (Ryan Mayne, Legacy of Steel), who has turned up at Williams house where his wife and children are waiting for his return.

bntrskullbntrbushThe Skull is a ruthless man and he kills Williams wife and sets the building ablaze.

William believes his wife and children have all perished in the remains of their family home.

bntrromeEnraged, William shrugs off his old life, Bush Knife is born and he is out to take revenge. He does so to the Skull’s henchmen, but now he is in prison and he is the only man that can get to the Skull as the polices hands are tied and it is down to Detective Rome (Jerome Naidu) to enlist the talents of Bush Knife.

Expected in Cinema’s December 2015

So watch this Space and the Trailer.

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DirectorRenaldo Kell
StarringRyan Mayne, Bruce Gounder, Jerome Naidu, Elanza Nortje
Category: Cinema, film, Promo, Trailer