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Daddy, I’m A Zombie 2 DVD Review*----

Cert PG | 80 mins | 2014

1 star for this rather confusing, originally Spanish, children’s film.Daddy Zombie 2 cover

Daddy, I’m A Zombie 2, Dixie Saves The Day! is written (screenplay) by Daniel Torres (Daddy, I’m A Zombie, Mummy, I’m A Zombie) and is released just in time for Halloween. The visuals really are quite lovely, but unfortunately that is the only thing to recommend here.

Not having seen the first film does appear to pose a significant disadvantage when it comes to understanding this one, although I’m not one hundred percent sure that it would help.

Daddy Zombie 2 DixieThe basic premise is that our Heroine, Dixie (Kimberley Wharton) was squished by a tree, at which point she randomly became a zombie. With the help of her two zombie friends, Isis (and Egyptian Mummy) and Gonner (a Caribbean pirate with a Welsh/Scottish accent), they had to secure the Azoth, a mysterious heart shaped gem that would defeat the evil Nebulosa, or Nigrida, I’m not sure which, and allow Dixie to regain her humanity. Dixie then reawakened beneath the tree to discover that it was all a dream, Dallas style. So now you’re all up to date.

Daddy Zombie 2 hunting ghostsDixie is still a troubled teenager, but now thanks to the events of the first film, she finds herself more popular and wishes to run for class president. All sorts of wholesome issues are dealt with, such as the value of true friendship and how to balance popularity with being a good person. All admirable values to promote, but they could have been so much better presented.

Now, Dixie finds herself in the hospital with appendicitis. After returning to school, it becomes apparent that the bad guys are back and still after the Azoth. Although only a human this time around, Dixie must team up again with Isis and Gonner in order to stop Nebulosa and Piroska, who they recognize from the original, although their names appear to have changed. Confused yet? You will be.Daddy Zombie 2 Piroska and Isis

The ultimate goal of Nebulosa is to raise an army of zombies, who, when raised look to me suspiciously like skeletons. I’m fairly sure that this is quite an important distinction, but admittedly I’m no expert and perhaps children care not about the finer points. Hmm.

In summary if you would like to thoroughly confuse your children this Halloween then this is definitely the film you are looking for!

Daddy Zombie 2 banner

Daddy I’m A Zombie 2 is available to buy on DVD and Double Pack from 06th Oct 2014

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GenreAnimation, Halloween
StarringKimerley Wharton, M.J.Lallo, Ratana, Katie Leigh, Karen McCarthy
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