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Expecting & The Trials of Cate McCall

We’ve just been sent over the trailers for two great films to help you out whilst Anti world cupyour significant other is trying to watch the World Cup. End all debates over who gets the remote right here with these football busting beauties! Rio? Go home!

The two films are poles apart. One is about babies and the other is a courtroom thriller.

The first, Expecting, is a “baby-com”. Or a rom-com that involves a baby. What could possibly go wrong?

Would you have a baby for your best friend?? Well that’s exactly what Andie (Michelle Monaghan), a foul-mouthed free-spirit did when she fell pregnant after a one-night stand! Her best friend Lizzie (Radha Mitchell) longs for a baby she can’t have, and when pregnant Andie moves in, chaos ensues, testing the limits of friendship, family and a marriage!

Screaming on VOD June 30 and DVD July 29, courtesy of Solo Media.

The second, a tense courtroom thriller starring Kate Beckinsale as well as Nick Nolte & James Cromwell.

A former hotshot lawyer, now in recovery from alcoholism and estranged from her family, must take on the case of a young woman wrongfully convicted of murder in order to regain the trust of her peers and above all else, custody of her daughter. The case will challenge everything she vowed to uphold as she is thrown into a world of lies, violence and deception, where fighting for what’s right may mean fighting for her life!

Breaking out onto VOD July 7.

It seems that they have had some great reviews from other reviewers. Will we agree with them or not? Well, you’re just have to wait and see. The reviews will be out closer to the films’ release.

We have also been sent some images. The galleries are below:


All images and trailers are courtesy of Solo Media. World cup logo Copyright ©2014 FIFA. All rights reserved

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