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Frivolous Lola Blu-ray Review***--

Cert 18 | 105 mins | 1998

3 Star Italian Titillation. flcover

Directed by the King of erotica Tinto Brass, (Cheeky (Trasgredire)), even though his most famous film is the one he disassociated himself from (Caligula).

The film centres around 1950’s Italy, in a small town where everybody knows all about all.

Lola, (Anna Ammirati, Dark Love) and Masetto, (Mario Parodi, Cheeky) plan fllolalamon getting married and Masetto has the views that Lola should stay a virgin until their wedding night, but Lola is yearning to find out if her intended is a good lover, if she is going to spend the rest of her life with him.

She rides around the town on her bicycle, wearing light clothing in the strong Italian sun, they waft about revealing her derrière to all, (see front cover).

She tries many a ruse to get Masetto to rise toflcouple the occasion, but he finds it hard to resist but he must, if the wedding night is to go as planned.

Everybody enjoys Lola’s carefree approach to life, from young and old, male and female to saints and sinners.

But Masetto’s parents are not sure that Lola is the right girl for their son, as there are rumours that her father is not her birth father and her mother Zaira, (Serena Grandi, Miranda) is of questionable morals. Even though Masetto goes and visits Willma, (Francesca Nunzi, Cheeky) the local whore to practice his technique and remove the tension that has built up by Lola. Lola’s father Andre, (Patrick Mower, The Devil Rides Out) is also unsure of his hand in the conception of the beautiful Lola.

With much female nudity and simulated sex this may not be to everybody’s taste but Tinto has been out there doing erotica since the 70’s.

flbannerAvailable to Buy on Blu-ray 10th Feb

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