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The Harry Hill Movie DVD and Blu-ray Review**---

Cert PG | 88 mins | 2014

2 stars for this occasionally  funny but very weird film.Harry Hill cover

The Harry Hill Movie is directed by Steve Bendelack (The League Of Gentleman, Mr. Bean’s Holiday) and it is certainly easy to recognize his bizarre brand of comedy here.

Written by Harry Hill, he also stars in the film as himself. The story-line (if you want to call it that) is a bit strange but fairly simple.

Harry Hill Harry and AbuHarry is living with his Nan (Julie Walters – Harry Potter, Mama Mia!). They have a pet hamster, Abu (Johnny Vegas – Sex Live Of The Potato Men, Benidorm) who has his own bedroom, as you do for a hamster obviously. When he falls ill, they take him to see the vet (Simon Bird – The Inbetweeners).

Harry Hill Harry and NanUnfortunately the vet turns out to be an evil henchman in the employ of Harry’s crazy and long lost evil twin brother Otto (Matt Lucas – Alice In Wonderland, Little Britain), who was abandoned by Nan at an early age and raised by Alsatians.

Otto wants to kidnap Abu to turn him into the centre-piece of his little hamster city, so he has the vet tell Harry and Nan that Abu has only a week to live. Upon hearing this, they decide to give him the best week of his life and embark upon a surreal road trip, thus giving Otto’s henchmen plenty of opportunity to try and fail to capture Abu.

Harry Hill brain chaseIntending to go to Blackpool, a sat-nav malfunction results in them ending up in the nuclear resort of Blackpole, where they stay at a guest house run by The Magic Numbers, visit the local power station (and the Black pole) and most strangely of all meet and fall in love with shell people.

Much as I enjoy watching The Harry Hill Show, and even though at the start of the film it did make us laugh out loud a couple of times, without the grounding of other TV shows to lampoon, things get very silly and very surreal far too quickly, and by the end you really aren’t sure why they bothered making it.

I have seen worse film than this and I have also seen plenty of better ones. If you are a fan of Harry Hill then you may enjoy this more, but it’s just a bit too daft for my liking.

Harry Hill bannerThe Harry Hill Movie is available to buy now on DVD and Blu-ray.


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