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photo(17)MERCS is written and directed by Mike Morris, who also acted in the award winning short Coeur De Pierre. He has now taken the huge step of taking on feature films and MERCS is his first foray into his dream job, which he has known since he started in the “Business” at the bottom as a Runner, Sound Man, Actor, Producer, Writer and now Director.

This feature is a self-funded project that has been a labour of love tinged with grit and determination, using industry professionals as well as talented others.

photo(15)MERCS takes place in a Hyper Reality world where real life gets left at the door. The characters are larger than life and the mix of live action and comic book animation will leave an air of excitement from start to finish.

The film follows a Rag Tag group of Mercenaries as they take on a very high risk mission with only one outcome. The audience will get to know and hopefully care about these characters. The villains of our piece are every bit as dangerous as our heroes which leaves a real cliff hanger of emotion for the audience as they watch the battle unfold.

MERCS is a film about Family, Courage and Retribution. Three powerful forces all heading in one direction.

Peter Emerson and Santosh Mohan Veeranki

(Director of Photography)

Both Peter Emerson and Santosh Mohan Veeranki shared the task of DOP on MERCS.Peter is a skilled camera man who has worked on several short films including (The End, Kebab Killer, Jumping Man and more.This was his first chance to show his DOP skills.Santosh Mohan Veeranki is a writer and director in his own right. He has several Short films under his belt including (The End, Lamb Me and Dog Ends).Santo acted as DOP to show his Cinematography skills.

Thomas Brookes


Thomas is a fully qualified media editor with years of experience under his belt. His sharp eye and storytelling have proved invaluable to MERCS.


(music composer)

Solodeep is a Manchester born Film and Media Composer with years of experience. His unique sound and skills have brought the world of MERCS alive for all to behold.

Jon Callow

(Behind the scenes filmmaker and Artwork Designer)

Jon has made an independent short film about us filming MERCS.

He has also designed the great Artwork on show for all to see.


Angus Brown: (Caleb Ryder)

Angus is a very talented actor with credits from TV shows such as Casualty and several short films. Angus is also a writer and director. A real rising talent.

Alicia Ancel: (Lara Hunt)

Alicia is on her way up to the big time. A wide variety of Short film, Features (Dark Vision) TV shows such as TROLLIED and TV advertisements in her arsenal.

Carmen Gabriele: (Alessa Carlotta)

Carmen is Italian Born with a huge acting range. She is a star of stage and screen with many short films and features showing off her skills.

Tessa McGinn: (Morgana Mendel)

Tessa is an actress and singer with a great skill for both. She has many credits in short film and features. A real find.

Kate Marie Davies: (Louisa Drake)

Kate is another who is knocking on the door of success. Star of so many features and shorts it would take too long to list them (Beautiful people, The Spring, Horizon and many more. Very talented and determined, a great combination.

Nick Orchard: (Caesar Lynx)

Nick has many years of acting to draw upon. A real asset for us at MERCS. He plays the action man role brilliantly. Many features (The Antwerp dolls) and a huge variety of short film and sitcom roles have made Nick the fine actor he is today.



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