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Nice Package DVD Review****-

Cert 15 | 106 mins | 2015

4 stars for this hilarious Australian caper.Nice Package cover

Nice package is written and directed by Dan Macarthur (Go Goa Gone, The Suicide Theory) and has now arrived on DVD in the UK for the first time.

“Produced by Melanie Poole (The Today Show) this fast-paced riot of colourful characters, cool music and razor sharp dialogue is Pulp Fiction meets The Hangover, with a dose of the Coen Brothers for extra chaos”.

Nice Package FrostieFrostie (Dwayne Cameron – The Tribe, The Locals) is a professional (ish) thief who has very high aspirations, all he wants from life is an E.H. Holden motorcar. Why he doesn’t just steal one for himself I don’t know.

His long suffering and a bit useless boss Terry (Renaud Jadin – My Mistress) has set him an assignment. Nice and easy, home owners away for the weekend, in and out, grab the package, no worries.

Nice Package MichelleThings don’t go quite according to plan however, as Michelle (Isabella Tannock) arrives home at just the wrong time. In a moment of blind panic and displaying possibly the worst judgement ever, he decides that his best option is to kidnap her.

Terry is understandably not very pleased, so in a fit of even more bizarre decision making, he takes Michelle to the home of his gay best friend, Brian (Leon Cain – Pharaoh’s Army, Mental) who finds the whole thing highly entertaining and proceeds to make cocktails and post photos on Twitter, under the handle @nicepkge #hostageparty.Nice Package Brian

But it seems it is indeed a nice package, one which lots of people want and will stop at nothing to get. Rivals Reeco (Ashley Lyons – The Marine, Son of the Mask) and Cogzy (Ben Weirheim – The Artifact) are particularly keen to get in on the action.

This really is a truly funny film, I laughed out loud quite a few times. There is plenty of extremely fruity language and some very funny antics from the rather risque Brian. The whole thing moves at such a pace that it sweeps you up and carries you along with it. There is also plenty of violence, do bear in mind this is a gangster film after all.

This is a an excellent modern crime caper for the Twitter generation, a great watch for a cold night in front of the fire, settle in and enjoy the fun.

“Is that a girl? Look Frostie, if you’re going to bring around your mystery slut, then go right ahead, we’ll throw a mystery slut soiree, I’ll crack open the Pimms. I hope I’ve got a clean cucumber.”

Nice Package banner

Nice Package is available to buy on DVD now

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DirectorDan Macarthur
Genrecomedy, action, adventure
StarringDwayne Cameron, Leon Cain, Isabella Tannock, Ashley Lyons, Ben Weirheim
Available to buy on : Own Nice Package on DVD
Category: dvd, film, Review