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Cert 15 | 105 mins | 2015

3 stars for this rather strange yet enjoyable romantic comedy.Results_DVD_2D

Results is written and directed by Andrew Bujalski (Computer Chess, Mutual Appreciation) and clearly carries his trademark surreal way of looking at the world.

This film tells us the story of Danny (Kevin Corrigan – Pineapple Express, Superbad), an overweight, bored, lonely new millionaire, recently divorced and looking for some direction in his life.

Results Pilates ballTo that end, he wanders into the Power4Life gym, owned and run by self styled fitness guru Trevor (Guy Pearce – Memento, Iron Man 3). Here, he arranges for a home visit from one of their personal trainers, who he claims will help with mind, body, heart and soul.

Trevor sends over the feisty Kat (Cobie SmuldersThe Lego Movie, How I Met Your Mother), who has many issues and is an extremely prickly individual, very quick to both give and take offence. However, Danny seems to rather enjoy that about her and soon becomes a little bit too obsessed.

Results Kat and Trevor (2)Trevor is fiercely overprotective of Kat and doesn’t hesitate to wade in, but also recognises a decent contract when he sees one. A shrewd businessman, with big dreams, who is looking to expand his gym into new premises, he realises that he needs all the clients he can get.

Results is basically a bizarre love triangle but comprising of people who mainly seem to hate each other. In spite of being billed as a comedy, I found very little in this film to laugh at. I did find it very enjoyable to watch though, the acting performances are superb and the story, although wierd, is very compelling and had me gripped to the end.

Strange but still good, this one is definitely worth a watch if only for curiosity’s sake.

“It’s like a christmas family photo, even though so many of us have sex with one another.”

Results Kat jogging

Results is on theatrical release and On Demand now.

Now available to own on DVD

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DirectorAndrew Bujalski
GenreRomance, Comedy
StarringGuy Pearce, Kevin Corrigan, Cobie Smulders
Available to buy on : Own Results on DVD
Category: film, Review