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Silent Night DVD Review***--

Cert 18 | 94 mins

3 Stars of Gory Mid-West Town Revenge.

Cryer, Wisconsin is a town in decline since the Mill closed. People have left and those that remain are bitter (one very bitter) and jaded.silentnightcover

Nobody looks forward to tomorrow or getting up to work on Christmas Eve, especially Deputy Aubrey Bradimore, (Jaime King, Sin City) who is about to spend her first Christmas without her partner and is even more reluctant because Deputy Jordan, (Brendan Fehr, X Men: First Class) silentnightFrylightsis supposed to be on duty, but he is M.I.A. after finding a woman far more interesting than work.

But someone isn’t happy with this turn of events, hence we hear screams as a man starts to shave. The trussed up woman continues to squirm as this huge man gets dressed up in a Santa masksilentnightsanta3 and outfit but this one has a massive double headed axe.

This is where we find the erstwhile Deputy Jordan covered in fairy-lights. He believes that this Santa is the woman’s husband and pleads for mercy, but this is a horror film, instead of the axe Santa fries him with the fairy-lights and the slaughter begins.

silentnightMcSheriff Cooper, (Malcolm McDowell, Easy A) who is a hard nosed man that thinks that everybody else’s problems are smaller than his and he doesn’t give a damn about anybody.

He sends out Aubrey to the old abandoned silentnightaubreyhouse because the neighbours think they can smell gas. The smell is strong and for a good reason; a dismembered woman and a dead Deputy in the cellar.

Deputy Bradimore has a lot to live up to her dad, (John B. Lowe, The Butterfly Effect), who spent a life time in the force, and with gusto she starts to collect evidence much to the sheriffs disapproval.

From here on in Santa/ Ronald Jones Sr & Jr ( Rick Skene, Curse of Chucky) literally carves a swathe through the townsfolk that have been naughty whether they be young or old. with a variety of weapons Axe, Scythe, Flame-thrower and wood-chipper.

silentnightChipperThe Santa’s around the town, (of which there are many) haveĀ  secrets and as they are brought in our Santa enjoys his festive job of slicing and dicing.

Until the final showdown in the Police Building.

If you’re into your Gore this is a Festive feast for you, nothing too complicated and it does have plenty of blood.

McDowell Hams and Cheeses it throughout and is served on a rye script. “Love it”.

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