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Wiktoria Wabnyc Interview

ww2Today we introduce you to young inspired actress Wiktoria Wabnyc, a seventeen year old who will represent the UK at the World Championship of Performing Arts and she is loooking for a little help from our readers.

1: How did you get into acting?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there were many things that contributed to my involvement with acting. I had personally always knew that I wanted to act , but I was always too afraid to try.  At the age of 12 I was really inspired by Selena’s Gomez acting on Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. I began copying her facial expressions and re-enacting the scenes from the show, that’s when I realise that I wanted to get into film/TV acting. In addition to this, it is the thrilled feeling you get every time you sit and watch  a theatre performance that made me realise that I want to act in front of people and that I belong on the stage/ in front of the camera. But it wasn’t until I hit the rock bottom when I realise that you should do things that make you happy rather than do things that other people feel are “the right thing for you to do” as at the end of the day, you are the one that has to live your own life, not them. One of the biggest regrets in my life was actually listening to my friends, teachers and family members that encouraged me to stay at my sixth form to study academic subjects such as Theology (which is the combination of ethics and philosophy) rather than doing an acting course at college. As soon as I understood this concept of the importance of feeling happy, I was able to move out of my shell and progress in my life’s journey. I have spent over 4 years learning about the acting industry before I had started doing anything outside of my school. At my school (Bishop Douglass School) I attended Drama Club where I got involved in school plays such as, a play called “Free”. I then went on to do Drama GCSE where I got to devise my own short play called “Silent Sisters”. But it wasn’t until I had joined 360Arts where I had finally gained the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an actress. During my year at this all-arts performing part time school, I had gained confidence and had been given opportunities to audition for major films such as “Conjuring 2”.  This experience encouraged me to join groups such as Actors UK and find more auditions so that I can make my dream of becoming an actress a reality.


ww12: Can you explain what the World Championship of Performing Arts means to you?

I had recently found out that I had passed the national selections for the world championships of performing arts which means that I will be representing the UK at the world championships for acting. For me, this is an honour to be selected as one of the few to compete against other finalists from other countries in the acting category. It is one in a life-time experience to meet artists from around the world and it is an opportunity to participate in a one day boot camp where I’ll be able to work with professional Hollywood directors/acting coaches. I believe that this will help me learn and progress as an actress, as I will be able to further develop my acting skills with this intensive training that will be provided on the day.

3: What inspired you to enter for the World Championship of Performing Arts?

My strong passion for acting itself inspired me to enter the world Championships of Performing Arts as I believe that nothing is going to be given to you in this industry, you have to really want it and take any chances you have to achieve your goals. I enter the World Championships of Performing Arts not because I want to get famous, but because I want to be able to experience things that are acting related, things that push me out of my comfort zone because by this, I believe that I am bettering myself. I am becoming the individual that I have always wanted to be.

Another factor that contributed to the World Championships of Performing Arts was a chance of winning a scholarship for acting at places such as ‘New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts’ which would definitely help to enhance my acting career.


Wiktoria1-34: Tell us about your experience of the World Championship of Performing Arts so far?

My experience with the World Championships of Performing Arts has been a pleasant experience so far but also, it was the one I had to really work hard for. There are two rounds of auditions you have to pass to be selected to represent the UK/ your region at the Championships. On my first audition I send in a video of a previous monologue I did, which was called “Me and Mom”. I received positive feedback on it from other artists therefore I was confident with my choice, but I still kept in my mind that there are other talented contestants that are entering this competition therefore I might not get in. A week later, I had received an email saying that I passed the first round and that I have to send in another clip of me acting. With no time to celebrate, I started working on my second monologue that I would submit. I chose to do a dramatic monologue from one of my favourite plays called “Girls like that” written by Evan Placy, which got me the place.

5: How many people are you up against in the competition?

There are around 40 countries involved with the World Championships of Performing Arts which each have different number of representatives for each category and age groups.

6: How much funding do you require for the World Championship of Performing Arts?

010A7068 copy 2-3I am required to raise over £3,000 by April/May. The reason that the costs are high is because the competition is taking place in LA therefore, I am raising money for the accommodation, flight and the registration fee. One of my fundraising strategy is selling my old books and printing out flyers to give out in my neighbourhood. I understand that £3,000 is a huge amount of money to raise in a short amount of time, but I will not give up, not until I give in all that I can. Therefore, I am planning to do things outside the box that will attract the pupils attention such as, dressing up in Disney Character’s costume and letting people take pictures with me if they donate any amount of money. 
7: Where and how can our readers help support your endeavour?
Anyone who is willing to donate any amount of money, can do so at:

Every Little Helps 🙂

8: What projects have you been working on lately?

Recently, I have been working on re-shoots for a feature film I star in, called “Trial and Error” by Hanton Films. The film is based on three teenagers who have to make life changing decisions. The film deals with the theme of pressure and what it does to people.
Also,  I am currently filming a supporting role in a short film called “The Request” which touches upon the vulnerability of young teenagers talking to strangers online and the affects/impacts of this. As well as this, I am being a featured extra on a major feature film  based on a best selling  book called ‘IBoy’. I have also, started doing theatre and now I am cast in a play called “Noughts and Crosses” where I play two supporting roles of Sarah Pike and Pearl. The play will be performed on the 31st of April and 1st of May 2016 in London and it touches upon themes such as power and racism.
I am also currently writing my own short film called “The Silent Cry” based on the theme depression. In this film I want to emphasis the affects of frequent mood change in people who are experiences depressions and how that affects their life as I believe that this could be a very powerful piece that will help other people who have never experience depression, understand it.
I had previously worked on another short film called “Confined” which is a short psychological horror film based on the concept of distorted reality. Moreover, I had played a guest-star role in a web-series called “Why Life Sucks When You’re In Your 20’s”- episode 13. (Coming out in two weeks time). It is a comedic series based on two guys who are stuck in the phrase of having to grow up but wanting to stay young as long as they can. Further more, I  had previously worked on an international film-documentary called “Generation Bieber” by Desert Hotel Films which was my first ever acting experience. The film talks about Justin Bieber fan’s and their life stories of how becoming a “Belieber” imposed a change in their life. 

Thanks for answering our questions Wiktoria and all the best in your competition and your future ventures. RRR

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