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Sir Christopher Lee. R.I.P.

cleeSir Christopher Lee Passes away aged 93

Our thoughts go out to all that were touched by this man’s brilliance.

A man that could keep a secret, a man that could kill you with a bite or the man who has a service record that is still a thing of awe.

With nearly 300 film credits and the answer to every aspiring directors wish, this man single handedly led the way though British and American film making. Sir Christopher Lee. An inspiration to any young actor or actress as a career that lasted 69 years has to impress even the most ardent of critics. No one survives that long without a unique pitch on the world, and we all thank him from the bottom of our hearts, even if it was through open fingers.

With his talents now being brought up to date on Blu-ray a whole new audience is out there to feast upon a talent that will be sorely missed.

Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts. Thank you!


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