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Aloys Review***--

Cert 12 | 91 mins | 2016

aloyscover3 Star

Fears, Dreams and Realisation.

From relative newcomer Tobias Nölle (Wonderland) comes a tale of isolation and what it takes to exceed those boundaries. Written and Directed by Tobias, he shows us a dark story about life and living.

aloy1Aloys Adorn (Georg Friedrich, Measuring the World) has just lost his father who ran the Adorn and son detective agency. Aloys lives his job and records everything, even his father in his coffin, a man he obviously looks up to, still.

He refuses to recognise a school friend that works at the crematorium and he drinks heavily, but he still does his job diligently, stalking his prey for his clients and filming all the evidence. On the way home he is drinking on the bus and falls asleep. When he wakes he is in an empty bus at the terminal and his camera bag is missing.

Everybody that lives in the same tower-block as Aloys think he is strange and some think he steals cats as well as other small objects. After leaving his fathers cremation he receives a strange phone call from a secretive female telling he aloys3should get out more and stop filming people because she is the one in possession of his stolen camera and tapes, being a detective he records all his calls to be replayed over and over again as not to miss any clues. He works out that the phone call came from an subway station and he retraces the woman’s steps gathering evidence along the way.

The caller tells him that he should use the “telephone-walking” technique to transport himself into an imaginary universe where he can let his soul roam free. He is sceptical and doesn’t really have the tools to dive into this new aloy2universe.

Who is it that is calling him and how do they manage to get so close to him without him seeing them and why does he put his video camera to the spyhole in his front door?

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DirectorTobias Nölle
GenreDrama, Fantasy
StarringGeorg Friedrich, Tilde von Overbeck, Kamil Kreji, Yufei Lee, Koi Lee
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