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Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Review****-

Cert 12 | 26 x 24 mins | 2004

bmcscover14 Star

Teen Rockers with Big Ambitions.

Even for anime this is a strange title for a series, but it doesn’t take long to realise what it is about. “Rock!”

bmcskuyukiFourteen year old Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka is a disillusioned young boy with his school work not doing so well as he daydreams his school hours away along with his friend Tanabe.

bmcsbeckIt is when he comes across some boys beating the strangest dog (Beck) you will ever see when his life will change as he finds the dogs owner Ryusuke “Ray” Minami, a young musician. But Tanabe has hotties in bathing suits on his mind and through his camera lens. This is where Yukio sees his childhood friend Izumi Ishiguro who is the focus of Tanabe’s camera.

Everybody talks about the band Dying Breed and Yukio is given an album. Hbmcsmahoe gets into it and afterwards Ray gives him a guitar to practice on to get him into the music better. Yukio has a basic talent for learning the guitar but he has a long way to go and he is encouraged by Ray and his talented sister Moho and an ex-Olympian swimmer Mr Saitou, who unofficially coaches the school swim team and is pretty good with an axe himself.

bmcsizumiYukio goes through school life being bullied and ignored until he shows his prowess in the swimming pool. Also he is good enough to join Ray’s band for a performance, but it is when he starts to sing that he makes a real impact.

bmcsrayWatch as bands do well and also split up as they strive to attain the fame of Dying Breed as the band comes to Japan and Ray wants to take his friends to see his old friend Eddie who is in Dying Breed.


If you are into Rock, Blues this is the series for you as the soundtrack is great and the opening track is “Hit in America” by Beat Crusaders (DefStar Records).

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GenreMusic, Drama
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