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Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Review***--

Cert 18 | 109 and 99 mins | 1970-71

btvotdcover3 Star

Music, Hippies and Mayhem

Russ Mayer (Confessions of a Sexy Supervixen, Vixen!) does it again in this 1970 film of hippies and hedonism. Brought to you 1080p and limited edition of 3000 copies of Meyer‘s Hollywood films with a plethora of Special features as well as his other film The Seven Minutes on DVD.

btvotddisclamerKelly MacNamara (Dolly Read, That Tender Touch), Casey Anderson (Cynthia Myers, Molly and Lawless John), and Petronella “Pet” Danforth (Marcia McBroom, New York Nights) are The Kelly Affair and they are a btvotdbandrock and roll band performing at a High School Prom, they are good but they aren’t earning the money they deserve. So accompanied by their manager Harris (David Gurian) they climb into their camper van and head for the I40 and the I15 and head for Pacific Coast Motel.

btvotdtcnLuckily for the cash strapped quartet Kelly meets her Aunt Susan Lane (Phyllis Davis, Vega$) and she wants to give her one third of her milion dollar inheritance, much to the annoyance of her financial adviser Porter (Duncan McLeod, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure). They go to a party and introduced to the man of the moment Ronnie ‘Z-Man’ Barzell (John LaZar, btvotdzmanMaximum Revenge). He is immediately impressed with their performance and renames them The Carrie Nations. Z-man’s parties are the place to be and the place to get noticed so The Carrie Nations are off to a good start on the West coast. But this is hard on Harris who was Kelly’s boyfriend, but he has attracted the attentions of man-eater Ashley St. Ives (Edy btvotdashWilliams, Sins Within the Family) who wants to eat him all up.

With all the parties the girls soon start drifting apart rather than doing the band practice. With a steady flow of good drugs and alcohol things start straying from a good moral ground to that of affairs and wild abandon.

Made three years of the summer of love this film is of free love, music, drugs and more free love delivered in the Russ Meyer way.

Packaged along with the court room drama of The Seven Minutes which deals with the American draconian legislation on obscene literature and what the people behind the scenes actually get up too when there is a political career on the line and the dogged determination of a young lawyer. Book early for one of the 3000.

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DirectorRuss Meyer
GenreComedy, Music
StarringDolly Read, Cynthia Myers, Marcia McBroom, John Lazar, Edy Williams
Available to buy on : Own Beyond the Valley of the Dolls + The Seven Minutes Blu-ray & DVD on Blu-Ray
Category: Review