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BLT (Short) Review****-

Cert 12 | 12 mins | 2013

bltfeature4 Star Short that leaves you thinking.

“You never know how your day will turn out.”

This is one man’s vision as he has all the credits except for those acting. John Cunningham has taken his award winning script and produced a brilliant insight into how oil and water does not mix for long.

High flying businessman (Stephen Molloy, It’s a Lot) believes he has it all, a bltholdupgreat job, great car, great girlfriend and he’ll get the house of his dreams. Whilst trying to have his lunch (the name of the film) a sandwich has been carefully made by his girlfriend. But he drops half of it and he decides that it would be better if he got back to the office, he repackages the sandwich and places it in his brief case. Whilst travelling down a back alley he comes across a homeless man (Ross (Owen) Williams, Walking with the Ferryman) who tries to hold him up but it turns out to be the only food he has, a banana.

bltdebateWhat ensues is a debate about what is the right ethic to have in life to get on in the world and it is only interrupted by the businessman’s loving girlfriend.

They continue their debate but it soon becomes apparent that the two will never agree. so they agree to part their ways.

This is the great bit of writing as we are treated to a twist in the tail of this short.

Director Statement
I wanted to make a film that had a debate with no winners similar to science versus religion and feature two people from two different sides of life, I also wanted to make a comment on society today and point out that there are people addicted to drugs and that it’s not their fault and feature a character that displays the type of ignorance that some people have towards others who are either alcoholics or drug addicts but conversely address the nature of laziness and inactivity behaviour.

Please take 12 minutes of your busy life to watch this great short.




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DirectorJohn Cunningham
GenreShort, Comedy, Drama
StarringStephen Molloy, Ross Owen Williams
Category: Review, Short