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Cats of Malta Digital Release Review

4 star fascinating documentary about the strays of Malta.

Cats of Malta is written and directed by Sarah Jayne Portelli (Machination), an Australian director with Maltese Heritage, who discovered the issue of strays on the island while living there for 4 years to connect with her roots.

This heartwarming documentary is available on Digital Download from 25th September 2023, courtesy of Nexus Production Group.

“I’ve always felt a connection to Malta and the locals, but what surprised me was the unavoidable presence of stray cats.” 

There are tens of thousands of stray cats to be found living on the streets of Malta and this documentary takes a look at the impact that has on the local communities, as well as the many ways it can bring people together.

We meet locals Michelle Deguara and Salvu Gilson, who run a restaurant and have taken responsibility for the three cats who live nearby, even getting them veterinary treatment as well as neutering and feeding.

Also important for the cat community is Roza Zammit Salinos, who has been caring for the cats for fifty years, even setting up a little ‘Cat Village’ for them, although that has now fallen victim to progress in the same way as many of the cat’s safe spaces. The amount of development is gradually displacing them, forcing them to rely more heavily on human assistance.

There are many others volunteers on Malta who feed and care for the cats from their own pockets, and it’s very interesting to hear their motivations for this, and how best they feel it can be dealt with moving forwards.

This is a really good watch, it’s brightly coloured with cats as far as the eye can see and is a must for cat fans everywhere (warning, you will probably want to move to Malta!).

“I mean, it’s educational, you know. We can’t live without animals, we have to share life. For the little you give them, you get so much in return, believe me.”

Cats of Malta will be available in the UK and Ireland on Digital Download from 25th September 2023.

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