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D.I.Y (Short) Review****-

Cert TBC | 9 mins | 2014

diyposter4 Star short film of Andrews dilemma.

D.I.Y is the first major short film by Josh & Mitch and Jam Flicks, the up and coming stars of the advertising world and now the film industry. Produced by Ollie Perrin and Joe Boyle, written by Michael Whelpdale and Ollie Perrin.

D.I.Y is a simple story of loss, but in that story loss can take many forms, as in the Kübler-Ross model and our star Andrew (Anton Saunders, diyjamflicksRocknRolla) will go through the lot as he finds out that his wife is having an affair. He is confused, angry and out for revenge, but he isn’t able to bring himself to confront his wife, however he finds clues to the identity of the person with whom she is philandering.

This would be Darren (Aaron Taylor, Landescapes) who runs the local DIY store and Andrew has tracked him down. But even as he seethes in his car, once again he can’t drum up enough courage to go in and confront him, so he poses as a hapless customer and comprises a list of tools for him to purchase, but you must buy the right tools for the job.

Anton Saunders plays Andrew brilliantly and in the length of the film he manages to show all the emotions of a man in turmoil, whilst Aaron Taylor plays Darren as a man unaware of his fate, as he relishes the fact that he is onto a good thing. A very professional production and well worth the time and hope they carry on to bigger things, watch this space.


Watch Josh & Mitch‘s film here

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DirectorJosh and Mitch
StarringAnton Saunders, Aaron Taylor
Category: Review