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David Bowie Is… at Vue Cinemas 14 July Only.*****

Cert PG | 99 mins | 2014

5 Star Presentation

David Bowie Is

The Film of the V&A Blockbuster Exhibition
Re-released in Vue cinemas and selected venues across the UK on 14 July 2016

Run time 95 minutes / BBFC Cert PG

bowiev&aFor cinema tickets and more information visit

Presented by the co-curators of the V&A Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, they tell us all about the sections of this five month exhibition that sees the 50 year career of the most iconic artist of the modern age.

bowie1The exhibition takes us from the battered post war streets of S.W.9 in 1947, through his young aspiring ambitions of being a star and right through his different stage and screen persona’s. 

bowie3This shows how much Bowie wanted to be a part of every stage of the production of everything he did, whether it be on stage or on film. It takes us through his thought processes as we see his hand written lyrics along with his scribblings and rewrites.

Interlaced with live performances and videos of his songs and speeches by people that he worked with and those who have been inspired by him (Jarvis Cocker, Kensai Yamamoto).

This is a must for all that couldn’t make it to The V&A and any fans of the iconic David Bowie.

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DirectorHamish Hamilton, Katy Mullan