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Door to Door (Short) Review****-

Cert 15 tbc | 10 mins | 2012

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.06.354 Star Short, of a Man Struggling to his Job.

Here is another short from the Talented film company.

The Cheap Theater Film Co. With Dylan J. Carver at the helm once again, we see that the TCTFC are a tight unit whilst on the film set, which brings us a clean cut short that will keep you guessing right till the end.


Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.03.35Door To Door is set around a salesman (Nick Bylsma, We Are Humanity) doing as the title says. Trying to fill his order quota for the “Rebecca De Mornay Cleaning Company” doing demonstrations in the potential clients homes.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.04.22He is always happy to clean up any “Coffee or Wine” stains. He is also doing deals in back alleys, with shady characters (Dylan B.Hart, Rotundus), the need for cleaning products must be strong on the “Black Market”.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.05.02He also get tip off’s via his phone for his next sales pitch, so he heads of to the suburbs for his next call. With his powers of persuasion he gains entry into the next house where the guy (Steven Stanek, Rotundus) asks him not to take to long, whilst he goes to find the obligatory Coffee or Wine.

Let the demonstration begin.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.05.25Door to Door Salesmen have a hard job and it is great to have a good supportive wife (Kaity Martin, Broken Road) at home.

A Super short tale of the rigours of pounding the pavements and back alley’s.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 11.06.11

Watch Door To Door here

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DirectorDylan J. Carver
StarringNick Bylsma, Kaity Martin, Steven Stanek with Dylan Hart
Category: Review, Short