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Mirai Nikki: Future Diary 2/2 Review*****

Cert 18 | 12 x 22 mins | 2012

futdi2cover5 Star

What you do to become a


From the director Naoto Hosoda (The Devil is a Part-Timer) comes the concluding episodes in the adventures of Yukiteru Amano / First and Yuno Gasai / Second as they try and eliminate the other contestants in the game to become the god of time and space. In the first episodes, we were told that the god of space and time is dying and losing his powers and this will bring the end of reality, on the 28th of July and that the contestants must have found the winner by then. Death will ensue!

futdi2deusYuno’s love has moved to the next stage, she has kidnapped Yuki and has Hinata tied up on the floor of a control room whilst watching Aru, Kosaka and Mao locked in a room that is filling with gas.

To his surprise and the others in the room, Kosaka’s phone has turned into a future diary courtesy of the Eighth as Aru tells futdi2aruYuno that he found the three bodies at  her house and that the skulls are missing from her parents skeletons causing Yuno to flip and have a memory wipe, rendering any negotiations useless. They use Kosaka’s future diary to escape the room and get to the unconscious Yuki.

They manage to get away from the crazed Yuno and Aru takes them to Kosaka’s mansion where there is an cell tower nearby and this will aid them against the futdi2phonethree agents that Eight has sent against them, if they turn the tower off, these (Apprentices) will lose their phone signal and render them useless.

But as always things don’t go to plan as Yuno steps in to save her beloved Yuki (Pooky).

The pair run into a loving couple who turn out to be future diary ufutdi29thsers (Seventh’s) that manage to steal their phones and injure the pair as the mansion goes up in flames. But luckily the emergency services arrive quickly and they are whisked off to hospital where they are confronted by Minene (Ninth). She will train Yuki and his estranged father Kuro to fight properly.

futdi2theysEvents fold out that turn Yuki into becoming determined to become the God of time and space with the help of his wonderful Yuno.

Yuki identifies one of the other contestants at a meeting with Deus so he removes the cover and everyone is known, as Yuki tells them he will be the one.

This an ace conclusion to the series with great twists and turns, tragedy and murder, a true 18 certificate. A definite one for a binge session, 26 excellent episodes.

“Did I do good ‘Pooky’?, please tell me I did good!”

futdi2banner1Available to Order Online Now.

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DirectorNaoto Hosoda
GenreDrama, Thriller, Death
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Category: Anime, dvd, Review