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Naruto Shippuden Box Set 26 Review****-

Cert 12 | 295 mins | 2016

4 star action, the fight continues!naruto-26-cover

Naruto Shippuden is an ongoing anime series based on the Manga by Masashi Kishimoto and directed by Hayato Date.

It tells the story of a young shinobi called Naruto Uzumaki (Maile Flanagan) from the hidden leaf village. He is a Jinchuriki, who contains the nine tails within him. Along with the other shinobi from his village they learn and grow together as they try to keep their loved ones and the world at large safe.

naruto-26-king-of-sage-monkeysBox Set 26 comprises episodes 323-335 and takes place during the Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Arc.

The usual spoiler alert applies here, we are well into the story , so don’t read on unless you’re all caught up.

“Naruto, you must understand, this war is no longer being fought just to protect you.”

naruto-26-nine-tail-transformationWith the war now in full swing, the big guns have arrived. In addition to the existing army of resurrected past heroes, he has summoned up Madara Uchiha, already a powerful force and now, immortal and almost unbeatable. In an unprecedented move, the five Kage are forced to unite in battle against a common enemy.

naruto-26-control-statueAlthough Naruto wants nothing more than to assist them, he has bigger fish to fry, as Project Tsuki no Me is now well under way, and the tailed beasts are gathered and under the control of Tobi, who seeks to gather all the beasts and bring back the ten tails to control the world.

As Sasuke and his brother Itachi prepare to face off against Kabuto, Naruto must look deep within himself and gain a far greater understanding of what it means to be a Jinchuriki, in order to save the world.

naruto-26-angryA most excellent box set, packed with plenty of revelations and more than a few surprises. With slightly less action and a little more introspection, this is a refreshing change and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really looking forward to the next one.

As ever, a must own for fans of Naruto Shippuden, but why, oh why, can we not have it on Blu-ray!?

“I must say, it is truly worth living a long life. Imagine seeing the day when the five Kage would unite and fight side by side.”


Naruto Shippuden Box Set 26 is available to buy now on DVD.

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DirectorHayato Date
AuthorMasashi Kishimoto
GenreAnime, action, adventure
StarringMaile Flanagan, Crispin Freeman, Liam O'Brien, Catero Colbert
Available to buy on : Own Naruto Shippuden Box 26 on DVD
Category: Anime, dvd, Review