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How do you Rob The Mob?

14876277369_feed85f666_oTRUE CRIME. TRUE LOVE. TRUE STORY.

A simple, true (based on one at least) story of a couple who are a little in need of cash and their inventive way of getting some, i.e. robbing New York City’s mobsters! This is the story of Thomas and Rosemarie Uva and their way of earning, sorry getting, a little more money.

What could go wrong? Well, a simple thing, they accidentally get a list in one of their robberies. A list so powerful that it could bring down the city’s mobsters in one fell swoop.

With an Oscar nominee, Raymond De Felitta directing the film and a great cast of “mobsters” – Andy Garcia and Ray Romano, it has a great pedigree.

Who will get to them first? The law or the mob? Well, we will all have to find out together…

If you can’t wait, you can always click play and watch the trailer.

In the vein of true romance, Rob the Mob chronicles the lives of a real-life Bonnie and Clyde who made the bold move to rob and humiliate some of New York City’s most powerful mobsters. Fresh from prison for a small-time crime, reunited lovers, Thomas and Rosie, find themselves in need of cash. After hearing testimony from John Gotti’s high-profile trial that mob social clubs are gun-free, Thomas and Rosie brazenly rob these underground spots operated by the major crime families in the City. Unwittingly, they come across something much more valuable than money: a list of every mobster in the families. Now the feds, family members, and rival mobsters are on the hunt for the most notorious lovers since Romeo and Juliet.

Available onDemand from September 22, 2014 and DVD January 2015

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