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Roobarb and Custard Review

Cert U | 30 x 5 mins | 1974

roocuscover5 Star

5 Minutes of Joy.

From the days of children’s TV, when on the BBC the news was at 5:45 and the last program before that time was just five minutes long and this is one of the most iconic five minutes from 1974. Now all thirty episodes are here for your pleasure. A must own for anyone of that era and their children as you recall that legendary theme tune.

De ner dener de ner dener de ner de ner de ner…

roo1What can you say about five minutes of a Green dog (Roobarb) and a pink cat (Custard) out for an adventure? As with most dogs he is enthusiastic and happy go lucky and wants a great adventure, whereas the cat wants to be tickled for to rubs only to then turn into the sarcastic “wanting to ruin your day” cat.

Written by Grange Calveley and animated by Bob Godfrey they produce a roo2dynamic animation style (Boiling) that is roughly drawn in marker pen. It is always moving keeping your attention as the pair go off on adventures with a bunch of birds on a nearby tree giving a sarcastic commentary.

This is a must own and a must tell your offspring about your childhood before the Queen had her Silver Jubilee. Awesome Fun!


roocusbannerAvailable to Order on DVD Now.

Theme tune by Johnny Hawksworth (Man About the House)

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StarringRichard Briers
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