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RRR Halloween Viewing Guide 2016

Happy Halloween from Road Rash Reviews!halloween-feature-2016

Well, it’s that time again, the clocks are about to turn back, the nights are drawing in and thoughts begin to turn to spooky matters, it’s almost Halloween!

There are plenty of good Halloween offerings out there this year, and Road Rash have put together a selection of entertainment for your perusal this All Hallow’s Eve.

“Trick or Treat?!”

project-itoh-coverOnce again, we have a good selection to choose from this year. If you’re into anime, then there are three releases which would make excellent Halloween viewing, Blood Blockade Battlefront, which is set in the lead up to Halloween and Project Itoh: Empire of Corpses, a dark, gothic tale of re-animation and the undead. This year also saw the release of Tokyo Ghoul: Root A, the sequel to the terrifying Tokyo Ghoul.

the-hills-have-eyes-coverIf you love retro horror films then there are lots of treats. The seminal The Hills Have Eyes by the late great Wes Craven has been remastered and released on Blu-ray, as have Slugs, the very silly eighties creature feature and classic religious horror Stigmata, starring Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Arquette.

There have also been plenty of new releases to watch out for. Our favourites were Cell, the horrifying look at modern society from Stephen King, Viral, a tale of terror in a world being taken over by parasites, The Conjuring 2, set in Enfield and based on true events and the nerve shredding Friend Request, a chilling cautionary tale about social media.

Something for everyone. So get your costumes on, assemble your treats and/or tricks and let’s all have a great time this Halloween. Stay safe and above all HAVE FUN!


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